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setting up the tig welder at techshop menlo park

by:VENTECH     2020-02-29
There is very important information about the setting of TIG welding machines discussed in TIG welding SBU.
This construct only guides you in your first set-
Above the machine.
Please remember to follow the rules and instructions provided in the class!
After teaching hundreds of hours of welding at TechShop, I found it difficult for students to remember some of the steps to install the machine.
This instructable is for someone who has passed my TIG welding course but needs a little review of how to set up the machine.
Note: This note is not intended to replace the TIG welded SBU at TechShop Menlo Park, it is just a supplement to those who have already taken and passed the course.
Once you \'ve set up the machine correctly, you\'re one step closer to welding a water-tight cube like in the picture!
There are a few things you need to deal with before assembling the torch and welding. 1)
Open the welding cage.
If you can find a staff member in the store, ask them to open the welding cage.
If you can\'t find anyone, the front desk will be happy to find the right staff for you. 2)
Pick up the TIG kit, a pair of TIG welding gloves, an automatic pair
Dim helmet, TIG calculator, cleaning brush (
Specific to your metal)
And anything else needed to complete the TIG welding project. 3)
Fill in the tool checkout form on the clipboard.
Make sure to check the TIG box before filling in the tool checkout.
Now that we have all the equipment we need, it\'s time to assemble the TIG torch.
We need to know how to set the Torch (
(Such as tungsten wire size, gas cup size, etc)
Before we start the assembly process.
We will use our convenient TIG calculator to help us solve this problem (
You can also download TIG calculator for Android or iPhone).
The TIG calculator is relatively simple to use.
It works like a sliding rule and you align the black mark with your metal thickness (
For example: 1/16 \")
, Your welding joint (
For example: rounded corners)
And your type of metal (
For example: aluminum or steel).
Tip: If you don\'t know what your welding joint type is, there is a poster above the high-voltage safety switch (
Something that looks like a huge breaker)
Different types of joints are displayed.
Once you have identified your metal type, thickness, and welding joint type, the calculator will tell you the correct way :-Tungsten size -
Diameter of gas Cup hole-
Diameter of packing Rod-
Current type and current range-
Gas type and flow rate 1)
Naked torch2)
Twist the correct-sized sleeve bracket into the position at the front of the torch (
End of White Stripes).
The round end of the Collet bracket should point forward. 3)
Slide the correct size collet into the back end of the torch.
Insert the slotted end forward into collet so that the round edge of collet meets the round edge of the collet bracket. 4)
Twist the rear end cover to the back end of the torch (
No End of White Stripes).
Be careful to avoid cross threading, as the rear end cap thread is made of materials that are harder than the inside of the torch.
If you are considered responsible, you may be charged with damaging the torch. 5)
Screw the gas cup onto the collet stand.
The round end of the gas Cup should be in contact with the white stripes on The TIG torch. 6)
Insert the correct size and type of tungsten into the torch.
See the notes below. 7)
The radius of the gas Cup opening indicates your tungsten rod.
If the opening of the gas Cup is 1/4 \", your tungsten should stick to 1/8 \". Tips:-
Ensure that gold band tungsten is used for AC welding, and orange band tungsten is used for DC welding applications. -
Tungsten grinding is not required for AC welding.
If you leave a square edge at the end of the tungsten, it becomes a ball during AC welding. -
For DC welding, make sure all grinding marks are running in the same direction--
Parallel to tungsten--
In a straight line
The length of the cone (
Ground to the part of a point)
It should be twice the diameter of tungsten wire. -
Collet and collet brackets need to be the same size as your tungsten. 1)
Make sure the machine is off.
The on/off switch is located on the back of the machine. 2)
Ensure high voltage safety switch (
Looks like a circuit breaker)
Closed. 3)
Plug the machine into a high pressure socket. 4)
Turn on the high voltage safety switch once everything is plugged in (
The on/off switch of TIG machine should still be turned off). 5)
Now the circuit breaker is in ON position and it\'s time to turn the machine ON.
Safety tip: Make sure to insert the machine using the correct order of operation.
We added security to the set.
Upgrade with high voltage safety switch system.
Voltage should not be applied to the system until all leads are inserted. 1)
Make sure the regulator is off.
When the regulator is screwed down, it is set to off until the resistance is not felt.
It\'s better to do this with one finger because it\'s hard to feel the resistance. 2)
Away from the \"dangerous zone \"(
Make sure no one walks or stands in the \"dangerous zone).
The regulator should face a place far away from you so that you won\'t be hit by it if it explodes.
You should stand in the same place as where the camera takes photo 2. 3)
Open the bottle with your hand on the side of the valve.
Never put your hand on the valve and open the bottle!
Open the bottle all the way. 4)
Use the recommendation of The TIG calculator to set the bottle to the right flow rate.
Or you can set it to the \"house\" level of 15cfh. Safety Tips:-
Make sure the bottle is within the proper pressure range.
It should be somewhere between 250psi and 2200psi.
If outside this range (
Above or below)
Find a staff member to help you. -
Open the bottle with great care, and both the top valve and regulator assembly of the bottle can fly away at enough speed to hurt or kill.
Make sure no one (
Including yourself)
Standing in a dangerous place1)
When you turn on the machine or the loader, it defaults to AC current.
Switch the machine to DC (
Even if you plan to weld with AC power)
Click the AC/DC button.
Tip: We can view each parameter by pressing the left and right arrows, we can adjust the value on the display with the knob.
You can also see that the units are highlighted behind the displayed numbers.
Also, when we cycle through the program (
Use left and right arrows)
You will notice that the LED will change its position on the display.
When the LED is in the black box (
On the left of capital)
We know that we are adjusting what happens when the machine is welded.
When the LED lights up the right side of the black box, it shows us what happened after the Arc was turned off.
When the LED is on the left side of the black box, we are looking at what happened before the Arc started. 2)
Set the maximum number of amps according to The TIG calculator. 3)
Set up your gas Post flow.
Unless the material you weld is 1/8 \"to 1/4\", it should usually be 8 seconds, in which case your post stream should be 10 seconds. 4)
Verify your gasflow. It should be 0. 1 seconds. 5)
Verify your heatstart.
Should be set to 20 am ps. 6)
The machine is ready if you want to weld with DC power.
If you want to use AC welding, press the AC/DC button for the ac led to light up.
All we have to do before we can weld is set up the ground clamp.
If the stuff I weld is large, I usually clip directly on the piece I weld.
If I\'m welding something small, I\'ll clip it straight to the table.
I like to set the fixture between 6 \"and 1\" and stay away from welding.
Make sure to clip onto something without paint and rust (
Or anything that may cause poor connection).
Be sure to check the cable and clip for signs of wear.
If any problems with the clip or cable are found, please find a job search person to investigate.
If this is the first time you set up your device yourself--
Or if you\'re not sure about your setup program-
Please find a staff member to verify that your machine settings are correct before tapping the first arc.
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