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Self-adhesive laser cutting, full cut, half cut, flying cut, everything is fine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-28

Self-adhesive can be seen everywhere in life, on the outer packaging of the product, on the signboard, on the shelf, some are printed on the price, some are warm reminders, some are product introductions, everything is available, we are common The self-adhesive materials usually include PE self-adhesive, washable adhesive self-adhesive, thermal paper self-adhesive, PET self-adhesive, etc. According to different uses, the choice is different. These self-adhesives are printed and passed Glue laser cutting machine cuts.

Usually the self-adhesive laser cutting machine is called a laser die-cutting machine, usually after the self-adhesive printing According to the self-adhesive pattern, it automatically recognizes the alignment, realizes the edge-cutting of the self-adhesive, and cuts accurately without manual assistance. It can realize the high-efficiency cutting of the self-adhesive. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine can realize the non-drying through precise laser control. The half-cut of the glue does not damage the bottom paper. Compared with the traditional knife mold, it saves a lot of cost, is faster and more efficient. The graphics can be adjusted at any time without the need to open the mold. A large number of complex patterns can be cut in a short time, the edges are smooth and not rough, and the accuracy is high.

Recommended models

Adhesive laser die cutting machine is mainly used for label paper cutting, film material cutting, thermal paper cutting, etc.

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