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Scarf laser cutting machine, leading a new fashion in scarf cutting

by:VENTECH     2022-01-19

Winter has come quietly, do you still lack a cold protection tool-a scarf? A scarf is an accessory that appears throughout the year. However, it is more than just an accessory. She is decorating We also have another very important feature-warmth, which is especially prominent in winter.

Our common scarves are usually made of warm and comfortable materials, such as cashmere towels, woolen scarfs, fur Scarves, etc., are soft in texture and are the preferred material for winter scarves. Scarves are one of the must-have products in winter. With the continuous changes of popular elements, the shapes of scarves are becoming more and more diverse and unique. Our common scarves are usually rectangular, with decorative designs at the ends, such as tassels. , Lace and so on. The diversified shapes of scarves complicate the production process, and the popularization of scarves laser cutting machines has solved the production and cutting problems of scarves, which can cope with more and more modeling cuts.

Scarf laser cutting machine can realize the integrated cutting of scarves, including fringe cutting of edges, lace cutting, scarves Punching and carving, etc., a variety of flower designs, simple line cutting collide to create a different beauty. The scarf laser cutting machine realizes fabric cutting, pattern hollowing and perforation, and fabric carving on the basis of traditional crafts, realizing a variety of crafts in one.

Recommended models

Scarf laser cutting machine is mainly used for various material scarves such as cashmere fur cutting, fabric carving, scarf punching, etc.

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