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Reasons for errors in fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-22

There are three main errors in the fiber laser cutting machine, the geometric error of the workpiece, the error caused by the workpiece clamping device, and the error caused by programming. There are many fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market selling laser equipment with high precision and high efficiency as the slogan. The cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is indeed such, but many people often find that the fiber laser cutting machine will have errors during the use process after purchasing. But I don't know what caused it. So, what is the reason for the error of the fiber laser cutting machine? After reading the following content, you will understand!

What is the reason for the error of the fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Geometric error of the workpiece

The objects cut by the fiber laser cutting machine are plate-shaped or cover-shaped. Due to the influence of various reasons, the surface of the processing object has corrugations, and the influence of the thermal effect during the cutting process will also deform the surface of the sheet of the board. In laser processing, the lid will also produce uneven surface during the pressing process, all of which will cause random changes in the laser focus position, the surface of the processed object, and the ideal position.

2. Error caused by workpiece clamping device

Place the workpiece to be cut by the fiber laser cutting machine on the needle-shaped worktable. Due to machining errors, long-term wear between the workpieces and laser burns, the needle bed will look uneven. This unevenness will also produce thin steel plates, and random errors will occur in the position between the workpiece focus points. become.

3. Errors caused by programming

In the processing process of fiber laser cutting machine, the processing path on the complex curved surface is adjusted by straight lines, arcs, etc. There are some errors between these fitted curves and the actual curves. These errors make the actual focus and the surface of the processed object be in a relative position, and a certain error will occur in the ideal programming position. Certain teaching programming systems also introduce some deviations.

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