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Rail transit enters the fast lane, laser technology helps you experience the fast life of the city

by:VENTECH     2022-02-05

Recently, various provinces have released the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' for rail transit development, setting off a new upsurge in rail transit construction.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Hebei Province is expected to invest 200 billion yuan in new railway projects, and strive to cover all districts and cities in the province by 2020. Hubei Province proposed that by 2020, the main business income of the rail transit equipment industry will reach 60 billion yuan. The latest statistics show that as of the end of last year, Wuhan had completed a total of 145 billion yuan in subway investment, of which, last year alone, it reached 36 billion yuan.

In the 'Three-Year Action Plan for Major Transportation Infrastructure Construction' issued in May last year, the urban rail transit project is the 'highlight' of construction.

According to the plan, from 2016 to 2018, the state will focus on promoting the preliminary work of 103 projects in the field of urban transportation. The new urban rail transit will be more than 2,000 kilometers, involving a total of 1.6 trillion yuan, and the investment in three years has exceeded ' The total investment of 1.2 trillion yuan during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. According to market forecasts, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment in urban rail transit construction is expected to exceed 2 trillion yuan.

Under the large investment, the construction of rail transit has been carried out in full swing in various places, and the construction period has been shortened continuously. Wuhan has almost maintained the pace of opening a subway in one year. Chengdu will have 3 lines under construction at the same time in 2017, while Shenzhen will have up to 17 (sections) of lines under construction simultaneously, the highest in history.

Behind the rapid development of rail transit in various places, the application of laser processing technology has greatly promoted the improvement of rail passenger car technology. The rapid development of China's rail transit industry also provides a huge potential application market for laser processing. The application of laser cutting and welding technologies has also pushed rail vehicle manufacturing technology to a new era.

Laser cutting

As a flexible processing technology, laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, small thermal deformation and strong adaptability. At present, the domestic and foreign rail vehicle manufacturers generally use laser processing technology for stainless steel and carbon steel. , Aluminum alloy and other metal sheet processing. The processed products mainly include sheet metal parts for car bodies, bogies, and interior parts, most of which are two-dimensional plane cutting. The contours and holes of the parts are processed by laser cutting to obtain high precision and cutting section quality.

Due to the application of laser processing technology, flexible processing has been realized, a large number of stamping dies have been replaced, the preparation period of stamping production has been shortened, and a lot of mold costs have been saved. Therefore, laser cutting has become a rail vehicle manufacturing industry at home and abroad. The main means of sheet metal blanking in China.

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Laser welding

As a high-energy beam welding method, laser welding has been widely used because of its stable welding joint quality, fast welding speed, and small welding distortion.

In rail vehicles, in recent years, it has been mainly the splicing welding of carbon steel and stainless steel car body steel structure surface outer plates. Its advantages are high welding efficiency and small welding deformation, which improves the appearance of the steel structure of the vehicle. Overall flatness and appearance quality. It mainly adopts special laser welding machine or welding robot, and the laser generator adopts CO2 laser or solid-state laser generator, and realizes the butt welding of steel plates through corresponding control methods and auxiliary devices.

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The continuous improvement of rail transportation is self-evident for the improvement of the convenience of going out. The population in the city center is better introduced to the suburbs, the urban population distribution is balanced, and the urban living comfort is increased. These will all be the optimization of rail transportation. It has brought significant benefits to the city, and the construction of rail transit in various places has also provided a broader stage for the application of laser technology.

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