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Purchasing Guide for Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-23

After years of development, fiber laser cutting machines have improved the production efficiency of processing and production in various industries, and have been more and more widely used in various industries. Fiber laser cutting machine uses laser technology for processing and production, which is non-contact processing. Compared with traditional methods, it not only does not cause material deformation and damage, but also handles delicately and quickly. At present, the brands of domestic fiber laser cutting machines are increasing, resulting in different prices of fiber laser cutting machines on the market.

Laser cutting machine mainly includes six core components: laser cutting head, laser, motor, machine tool, numerical control system, laser lens, etc. The configuration of these core components determines the price of laser cutting machine, especially laser The quality and quality of the cutting machine determines the basic price of the laser cutting machine to a large extent. The following editor develops a laser cutting machine buying guide for users and friends to help you choose your own fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Laser

Currently, the main laser brands on the market are IPG, TRUMPF, Enna, SPI, etc. IPG has the largest market share, while Ruike, Chuangxin, JPT, Fibo and others have domestic brands. Raycus has the largest market share. Generally speaking, there is no difference between domestic brand and imported brand fiber laser when the power is lower than 3000W when cutting the same material, but there is a difference in high power.

2, power supply

Power is an important part of the price of fiber laser cutting machine. The higher the power and the higher the price, the higher the efficiency of the product. Therefore, the buyer can choose a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine after assessing the output requirements according to personal needs.

The price of fiber laser cutting machine is closely related to the type and material of product cutting. Before purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, you should determine the thickness and material of the applicable product, so as to comprehensively consider the cutting process, bedside process, sheet metal process, assembly process and other process related issues of the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, and finally select the appropriate cutting Product A new type of laser cutting machine.

3. Precision and bed

The machining accuracy of a machine tool is an important index to measure the performance of a machine tool. There are many factors that affect the machining accuracy of machine tools, such as the accuracy of the machine tool itself, the deformation of the machine tool and the process system, the vibration in the machining, the wear of the machine tool, and the wear of the tool. Among the above factors, the accuracy of the machine itself is an important factor. For example, the cylindrical shape of a cylindrical surface processed on a lathe mainly depends on the stability of the rotation axis of the table, the straightness of the path of the tip of the rotating tool, and the parallelism between the path of the tool tip and the axis of rotation of the table. That is, it mainly depends on the movement accuracy of the spindle of the lathe and the rest of the tool, and the position accuracy of the tool movement path is relative to the spindle.

The accuracy of the machine tool includes geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy, positioning accuracy and working accuracy. Different types of machine tools have different requirements for these aspects.

4. Software

The software system is provided by the manufacturer of the fiber laser cutting machine. A good laser company will have a professional technical department to develop and update related software systems. A better software system means higher prices, but its advantages are self-evident. It is not only better compatible with the hardware, perfect match, but also maximized functions.

5. Accessories and consumables

In addition to considering the main core components, optical isolators, neon lights, mechanical consoles, water cooling equipment, optical equipment (half mirrors, full Mirrors, refractory materials, etc.) and other accessories are also one of the important factors affecting the overall price of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, choosing higher quality parts often costs more money, but it will make the equipment run more smoothly and work half the time.

6. Brands and services

Choose to buy a laser cutting machine. Different brands have very different prices. Choose well-known brands to buy, although it can invest more The money, but the product quality, after-sales can often be better protected. Saving money is important, but don’t be greedy for small things, but pay for big things. For cheap, you can buy unnecessary trouble.

The above is the purchasing guide for ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machines. Please be sure to base on your actual situation and demand as the starting point, and peers pay attention to quality, effect, reputation and after-sales service.

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