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Puff sponge cutting equipment-puff laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-28

As a beauty-loving fairy, it’s a must to go out and put on a light makeup, loose powder as An indispensable step in make-up, whitening, oil control, and make-up setting are the top priorities in make-up. However, the use of loose powder is inseparable from powder puffs. Some loose powders are equipped with powder puffs before they leave the factory. There are also some loose powder brands that are not equipped with powder puffs and need to be purchased separately. Powder puffs have become a must-have item for makeup. The editor introduced today is a special equipment for cutting sponge powder puff-powder puff laser cutting machine.

The powder puff laser cutting machine adopts the principle of laser cutting, which can be used to cut the powder puff quickly and efficiently. It can be equipped with multiple laser heads to operate and cut at the same time. Greatly improve the cutting efficiency, pre-set shapes can be imported into the computer, the software automatically typesetting, improve the utilization of raw materials, the powder puff laser cutting machine quickly cuts along the set path, the cutting edge is smooth and flat, no focus edge, the cut product shape is accurate, High consistency, very suitable for some high-end cosmetics manufacturers, highlighting the quality in the details.

Applicable materials for powder puff laser cutting machine products: suitable for cutting various non-metallic materials such as sponge, cloth, plastic, rubber, acrylic, etc., and is applied to It is widely used in advertising industry, cosmetics industry, clothing industry, decoration industry and so on.

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