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Proofing room model room proofing artifact-paper template laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-15

Plush toys are one of the favorite things of children. It can be said that a family with children will inevitably have a variety of plush toys at home. As a plush toy manufacturer, it must be based on children’s preferences and recent popular cartoons. The style is regularly updated with toy styles. Therefore, many toy manufacturers’ proofing rooms will typeset various cardboard templates. The editor today will introduce a piece of equipment commonly used in pattern rooms-paper template lasers. Cutting machine

Paper template laser cutting machine, also known as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, is a type that can be used for both cardboard template cutting and The equipment for cutting sample fabrics can replace manual typesetting and calculation, manual copying of cardboard, and manual cutting of sample fabrics. It is the best assistant in the sample room of the proofing room!

Recommended model: template laser cutting machine

Operation steps:

1. The computer draws the cutting graphics. 2. The paper template is placed in the machine. 3 The graphics are automatically recognized. 4. Intelligent typesetting, optimizing the cutting path. >Technology core advantages:

1. High fabric cutting efficiency, compared with traditional manual cutting, the speed can be increased by 4~6 times, and the fabric cutting can be completed in a few minutes.

2. Improve the efficiency of pattern copying. Fast and efficient cutting and batch output of paper patterns

3. The software comes with an intelligent typesetting function, which can optimize the cutting path and increase the utilization rate of raw materials.

4. Cardboard template information can be stored electronically, which is convenient for data Later call

Manual cutting equipment cutting results, fabric utilization rate is less than or equal to 85% 87% and above, saving fabric more than 2%, fabric cost is about 3 million yuan per year, about 2.9 million yuan per year, saving about 100,000 yuan every 30 minutes of cutting time The work efficiency of each template is 5 minutes. The work efficiency of each template is greatly improved. The quotation is calculated and the template is copied. The fabric cutting requires 3 people and one machine saves 2 people. The annual cutting effect is not less than 72,000. The cutting effect is large. The cutting error is high and the error rate is high. Mechanized operation, good effect, high precision, good quality and good quality

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