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Processing method of laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

With the continuous development of current technology, some high-tech technologies and equipment have also begun to appear. For example, laser cutting machines are representative of them. The main reason is that laser cutting machines can perform precision processing. The use of pure physical cutting may affect the internal mechanism of the material, so a laser cutting machine will be used for cutting.

Laser cutting machine is the center of the entire laser cutting machine processing system. The main function is to manufacture laser cutting machines. There are many types of laser cutting machines, but the principle of producing laser cutting machines is basically the same. Most of them are composed of three parts: excitation system, laser cutting machine material and optical resonant cavity. The excitation system is a device that generates light energy, electrical energy, or chemical energy.
Currently used excitation methods mainly include light irradiation, electrification or chemical reactions. Laser cutting machine materials are materials that can produce laser cutting machines, such as ruby, beryllium glass, neon, carbon dioxide, semiconductors, organic dyes, etc. The role of optical resonance control is to enhance the brightness of the output laser cutting machine and adjust And select the wavelength and direction of the laser cutting machine.
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