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Processing characteristics of tube laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-28

Now, the laser cutting machine on the market has been fully popularized. The tube laser cutting machine is for precision processing and cutting of metal round tubes and square tubes. Let’s take a look at the advantages of laser tube cutting machines in processing and cutting round tubes. What? What are the application cases? What are the advantages of a tube laser cutting machine? Let me introduce you one by one.

Features of tube laser cutting machine processing:

1. There are many types of cutting tubes, which can cut, perforate, and engrave tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, flat tubes, etc. And three-dimensional processing such as bevel bevel.

2. The laser processing speed is fast, the cutting precision is high, and it can realize high-efficiency processing in large quantities.

3. The operation is simple; using the CNC operating platform, input the corresponding drawings, you can achieve fast processing, flexible and efficient.

Application case of tube laser cutting machine:

  1. Petroleum screen.

   Pipe laser cutting machine processing oil screen accuracy: screen wall thickness ≤ 20mm, slit width ≥ 0.15mm, slit cross-sections are rectangular, trapezoidal and various special-shaped holes, cloth slit types include parallel, Staggered, spiral, etc., the hole center distance error is 0.01-0.02 mm, the density laser beam positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm, the repeat accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the surface cutting finish is 6.3.

2. Lighting lamps

  The common styles of metal lamps and lanterns are hollow carved patterns, and even more complicated patterns. The tube laser cutting machine has high efficiency in processing the lamp decoration cover, the pattern is clear and does not deform, and there is no need for secondary processing, which greatly reduces the production cost.

  3. Automobile exhaust pipe

  As a high-end consumer product, in order to enhance the value of the product, the production process is the main breakthrough point. The tube laser cutting machine processes automobile exhaust pipes without burrs, the inner tube wall is smooth, and the processing speed is fast. It is a good choice for batch processing.

Introduction of    advantages:

   1. Automatic cutting and blanking; tube laser cutting machine adopts dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotation structure (active shaft and driven shaft), and the active shaft starts the chuck The pipe is clamped and fixed, and then the pipe is cut through the three-dimensional movement of the machine tool. The slave axis starts the chuck and moves along the axis of the workpiece with the worktable. The automatic cutting and blanking function of the metal pipe can be seen.

   2. Numerical control cutting technology; the cutting control software that comes with the tube laser cutting machine provides advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, so that the cutting operators can achieve high quality and high quality through the proficient use of the control system. Efficient CNC cutting.

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