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Problems caused by fiber laser cutting machine in winter

by:VENTECH     2021-12-10

With the sharp drop in temperature in winter, operating the fiber laser cutting machine below 0°C will undoubtedly cause problems. Once the cooling water freezes, its volume will expand, causing the laser or the internal pipes of the water cooling system to rupture or deform. In turn, this will further damage other core components and cause significant losses.

How to maintain fiber laser cutting machine in winter?

Please follow the following tips to properly maintain the fiber laser cutting machine:

Keep working temperature above 0℃

In order to make the fiber laser cutting machine operate normally in winter, the heating facilities of the workshop should be improved and the ambient temperature should be kept above 0℃.

If there is no heating facility in the workshop and the ambient temperature may be lower than 5°C, keep the cooler running for 24 hours. At the same time, in order to save energy, the temperature of low temperature water and normal temperature water should be adjusted to 5-10°C to ensure that the cooling water circulates and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

For users who add grease to the screw, please don't forget to clean it. Otherwise, once it freezes, it will affect the movement. When adding grease, make sure that the temperature in the workshop reaches a lower lubricating temperature.

Drain the cooling water after use

After daily use, drain the cooling water from the pipeline. Use an air pump or compressor to effectively discharge the water. In addition, if necessary, remove the chiller or water pump and place it in a warm place to prevent the circulation equipment from freezing.

The above are some tips for correct maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine in winter, everyone must come to understand. We specialize in the production of fiber laser cutting machines. If you need this product, please call us for consultation.

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