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Precautions when using laser cutting machine in winter

by:VENTECH     2022-03-04

With the advent of winter, laser cutting machines are facing the test of the cold. If it is used improperly, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and the production schedule of the customer. At the same time, it will damage the laser and the chiller and cause unnecessary property losses to the customer. In order to avoid the above situation, customers must follow the following precautions when using the chiller in winter:

1. The ambient temperature of the laser chiller must be above 0℃. The main reason is to prevent the low temperature of the environment (especially in the north), once the laser chiller stops using, it will cause the water in the waterway system to freeze, which will affect the normal use of the equipment, and if it is serious, the entire refrigeration system will be damaged.

2. When the ambient temperature of the equipment is between 0°C and -10°C, if the laser machine and chiller stop working (such as power failure) and no antifreeze is added, the water in the waterway system must be removed in time. Empty, and use compressed air or nitrogen (pressure about 5bar) to empty the water in the laser, and manually empty the water pump and pipes of the chiller. The chiller will not cause the equipment to freeze and cause damage when it is working. For details, please refer to the 'Chiller ManualThe designated antifreeze liquid for the laser is Clariant Antifrogen N, and the freezing liquid: deionized water is 1:2. After adding antifreeze, it can resist -20 degrees Celsius without freezing. But because the antifreeze is corrosive, please change back to normal cooling water after winter, and clean the entire waterway before then to clean the antifreeze;

Three, laser cutting machine operating environment The temperature shall not be lower than minus 10°C.

Four. Drainage method:

1. Laser drainage method: After disconnecting the water pipe, use compressed air or nitrogen (pressure about 5bar) to blow water at the water inlet and outlet About one minute, drain the water inside the laser.

2. Water tank drainage method: Open the drain valve at the bottom of the water tank to drain the water in the water tank. If necessary, tilt the water cooler to a certain angle to make the drain outlet the lowest point. Drainage in the pipeline: Blow compressed air or nitrogen (pressure about 5bar) from the inlet and outlet of low-temperature water and high-temperature water for about one minute, and drain from the water tank's drain. Pump head drainage: There is a drain screw at the bottom of each pump head. When the water cooler needs to be shut down and transported for a long time, the pump head drain screw must be opened to drain the water in the pump. Use compressed air or nitrogen as much as possible. (Air pressure is about 5bar) Blow out, and then tighten the water drain screw. Drainage of filter and deionized water tank: Open the drain valve or plexiglass shell at the bottom of the filter and deionized water tank to drain the remaining water.

3. Drainage method of the laser cutting machine machine tool: Blow the water inlet and outlet with compressed air for 2 minutes.

Fifth, check points and treatment methods of laser chiller in winter:

1. After starting the chiller's cooling water pump and normal temperature (external light path) water pump, check the cooling water pressure first The readings of the gauge and the normal temperature water pressure gauge. If the pressure or flow alarms, you must pay attention to whether the water system has a valve that is not open or there is a possibility of icing, and it is necessary to judge and deal with it in time. If it is determined to be icing, the manufacturer must be notified in time for co-processing, and do not solve it by yourself!

2. After the water pump is running normally, if the cooling water temperature is lower than the minimum temperature that the laser machine is allowed to turn on, the temperature cannot be raised for a long time. The set temperature of the cooling water and room temperature water can be set higher by 5℃. For other problems, please refer to the manual or notify the maintenance personnel. Finally, the set temperature of the cooling water and room temperature water must be adjusted to the specified set temperature value (general cooling The set temperature of water is 20-25℃, and the set temperature of normal temperature water is 25-35℃)

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