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Precautions for starting the laser cutting machine after the Spring Festival

by:VENTECH     2022-01-14
Precautions for starting the laser cutting machine after the Spring Festival

Usually, after holidays, we need to start the fiber laser cutting machine when we go to work. However, we generally do not develop a good maintenance and start-up sequence when starting up, which causes some problems in the use of the machine. Let me tell you about the general boot sequence, which can avoid errors and prolong the service life of the machine.

1. Check whether there are any abnormalities on the total route of each moving part of the machine tool and the machine cover;

2. Start the total power supply equipment, power switch, and voltage stabilizing equipment;

3. The machine chiller starts;

4. Laser start;

5. Auxiliary gas supply equipment, air compressor start, check the state of each filter equipment and pressure gauges in the gas path is normal.

6. Power on the main machine of the machine tool, turn on the power supply knob switch of the machine tool, and check whether the electrical cabinet and air conditioner are started;

7. Turn on the CNC system and turn on the system power-on enable key to start the power-on button. Wait for 3 minutes to check. If the system is normal, turn on the emergency stop, release the reset button, and then return to the machine origin.

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