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PET blue film special cutting equipment-blue film protective film laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-20

Blue film is a glossy plastic blue film with high-quality physical properties, high rigidity, strength and ductility, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, heat and ultra-low temperature, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance It is one of the common barrier composite plastic film sheets with excellent performance, airtightness and fragrance retention. It is often used to fix the LCD led backlight film group and the bottom frame; the adhesion can be maintained for a long time at high and low temperatures. The PET blue film can be used with EPDM window sealing strips, magnetic recording, light induction aluminum profiles, and electronic components. , Electrical equipment cable sheath, etc. Wide range of applications.

However, in the many uses of PET polyester blue film, a cutting process is inevitably required. Then, how does PET blue film cut What about? The editor today will introduce to you a special cutting equipment for PET polyester blue film-film die cutting machine.

The film die cutting machine is also called the PET protective film laser cutting machine. This is a model with higher configuration, mainly used for high-precision cutting of various non-metallic materials, such as cutting various films, such as blue film, PET film, PVC film, white film clear water film, ITO conductive film and touch screen Cutting, etc., precise energy control makes the cutting accuracy and effect much better than conventional laser cutting machines. It is a special model specially designed for cutting various film and non-metal materials. It is used in the 3C electronics industry and communications, medical and other fields. widely used.

Recommended model: PET protective film laser cutting machine

Model features:

1. Rigidity, shock resistance, high speed Good stability, using marble workbench, heavy weight, no deformation, cast aluminum gantry structure and cast iron chassis;

2. The moving parts have high precision, good corrosion resistance, longer stability, and long life. Double-drive gantry mechanism + solid high motion control system;

3. The software performance is superior, which can realize the functions of layered cutting, cutting path optimization, laser energy following speed, etc., the cutting effect is good, and the material is half cut Good energy control;

4. Equipped with imported laser and optical system, the micro-hole has high roundness, right angle without overcharge, no overburn, smooth transition of R-angle, complex high-speed cutting without serration, high production efficiency

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