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Operation steps of fiber laser cutting machine control system

by:VENTECH     2021-12-21

Before using the fiber laser cutting machine, we need to configure a specific operating system, and then the fiber laser cutting machine will work according to the settings. But many people don’t understand the operating system at all, let alone operating the equipment, so what is the specific method of operating the control system of the fiber laser cutting machine?

What is the specific method of operating the control system of the fiber laser cutting machine?

1. First, you need to install CAD software and laser cutting system software on your computer, and then use CAD to draw and maintain the graphics to be processed.

2. Open the installed laser cutting system, and then click the online button in the upper right corner to see if it can connect to the machine (need to turn on the machine in advance).

3. Click the setting button to select the device parameter setting and enter the controller parameter setting interface, where we need to set the motion, processing and laser power. For specific configuration parameters, see the image parameters below. After setting, click download and confirm.

4. After setting the parameters, you need to set the layer parameters, click online to cancel the connection, click the layer, and cut the layer setting interface. In general, you should check the 3-4 layers. This needs to be set according to the machine situation. For the parameters of the layer, no reference parameter data is provided here.

5. The function of one layer is usually used to cut two layers of the outer frame, one layer for cutting the inner frame, and one layer for drawing lines.

6. In the interface, open the drawn graphics and save them in the CAD software, and then check whether the color of the graphics layer is the same as the color we set.

After checking all the graphics, click the buttons on the right control panel in the following order: (automatically optimize, merge, reverse, merge, remote sort, sort to the end (select the outer frame for final processing) , Online, device control, download current file, online confirmation, cancel)

7. After completing the above operations, complete the graphics setting programming on the computer, and then you can process it on the computer.

The above is the main content of the specific operation method of the fiber laser cutting machine control system, we can try to learn the operation based on the above content.

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