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Only you can't think of it, you can't do it without a laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-18

Recently, the admission notice of Tsinghua University has spread all over Weibo. As soon as the notice is opened, a miniature three-dimensional Tsinghua landmark building 'Second School Gate' stands up. And this laser-engraved paper-carving handicraft made many netizens shout 'I am floating, I want to'.

In fact, the laser cutting machine can do more than that. It can be said that only you can't think of it, and you can't do it without a laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting metal

Whether it is a thin metal sheet as thin as 1mm or a behemoth used in steel construction, the laser cutting machine allows light to walk on the metal at will, leaving a wonderful footprint, and a little outline of the agility of the metal.

Laser cut paper

A piece of white paper and a laser cutting machine have endless possibilities. A lively and agile girl, like an elf, a fluttering eagle, majestic and majestic, a moving fairy tale is staged at any time.

Laser cutting wood

The application of the laser cutting machine makes the home full of imagination. The laser cutting birch wood is combined into a whale lampshade in the shape of concentric circles. The same is unique and light up life.

Laser cutting cloth art

The laser-cut dress is full of sci-fi and futuristic sense. Kate seems to be a girl from an alien wandering down the earth. The world-renowned clothing brand Iris van Herpen integrates 3D printing and laser cutting into the design, fusing science and fashion to create a sense of the future that is unbelievably beautiful.

Laser cutting has the incomparable flexibility and processing accuracy of traditional processing methods. It uses non-contact processing without mold production and cost. The processing graphics are made by software, and the cutting is controlled by a computer. The patterns are diverse and complex. Can be easily cut out.

Laser can cut various other materials, such as plastics, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, textiles, wood and paper, etc. Among them, sheet metal processing is the main object of laser cutting.

As the birthplace and industry leader of China's industrial lasers, HG Laser has joined hands with the world-class light source manufacturer Laser to apply 'China Light' to the MARVEL series of new generation CNC fiber laser cutting machines. Its appearance indicates that the era of pure assembly of high-power laser cutting machines relying on imported technology is over, and high-power laser cutting equipment with Chinese genes will sweep the world!

Laser cutting, engraving various patterns at will, laser cutting machine is a well-deserved steel dancer. In the future, Huagong Laser will continue to forge ahead and contribute more excellent metal processing 'dancers' to the market.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to appreciate the charm of laser cutting machines. From now until July 18, log in to [HuaGong Laser Official Mall], buy MARVEL series laser cutting machines, and you can get iPhoneX. Three good gifts, waiting for you to get it~

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