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omron to release new e2e next proximity sensors with enhanced sensing distance and io-link

by:VENTECH     2020-02-28
Omron automation Americas, an industrial automation solution provider, adds more than 2,500 new models to its E2E next series of proximity sensors.
Highlights of the new model include enhanced perceptual distance, minimizing target contact in the production process, and improving IOT capabilities for predictive maintenance.
Avoiding contact is essential to maximize uptime.
70% of equipment failures are caused by component failures, of which proximity sensors account for a large proportion.
E2E sensors are designed to help manufacturers reduce the potential causes of unplanned downtime while benefiting from the environmental resistance of the sensors.
Join IO-
The Link function enables the sensor to shorten the recovery time by indicating the fault location and cause.
They can also detect warning signals that are about to fail and notify users over the network.
The combination of IoT features, long sensing distances, and oil-proof sheaths reduces the risk of sudden downtime of the device by three times.
In conclusion, Omron\'s new E2E proximity sensor is: manufacturers interested in learning about the functions and advantages of the E2E NEXT proximity sensor series can get more information in automation. omron. com.
About Omron AutomationOmron Automation is an industrial Automation partner that creates, sells and services fully integrated Automation solutions including sensing, control, security, vision, motion, robotics, etc.
Founded in 1933, OMRON is currently led by president yamhito Yamada with 36,000 employees to help businesses in more than 110 countries solve problems creatively.
Learn more about automation. omron. com.
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