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new golden spot wire mesh welding machine gsa-125c.

by:VENTECH     2020-03-03
Taichung, Taiwan, May 15, 2010-(PR. com)--
GSA-wire mesh welder
25 C, known for its high speed, is equipped with 2 sets of wire straightening devices.
It has two sets of wire feed devices, one driven by a converter motor, which is used to feed the wire into the wire accumulator, and the other is driven by a servo motor, which is used to feed the wire into the welder.
They can all help with the welding spacing precisely.
The biggest feature of this screen welder is that there is an automatic cross line loading system on the machine;
The operator just sent the pre-
Wire-cut through the crane into the compartment, the loading compartment with a single line Hopper will automatically sort, locate and pop up the wires when appropriate.
The most important thing to mention is its control system.
The most important part of the welder is the microprocessor timer used to control the circuit and time.
This is the only self. developedTouch-
Screen microprocessor timer currently in Taiwan.
The controller is programmable and can meet different welding requirements;
And can effectively reduce the power consumption of the system. GSA-
25 C color touch-
With the help of PLC, the screen LCD displays set all the parameters of the system on the screen.
Any abnormal signal can also be displayed on the screen;
The work process and fault information can also be represented graphically.
This fault check contains wire supply, not
Wire, wire discharge failure, cross-wire pop-up failure, wire forwarding, insufficient welding power supply, overload of servo motor, fault location, air compressor failure, excessive
High temperature.
Building a prime area of the country --of-the-
Art Welding machines that meet the special requirements of customers around the world.
Features of GSA-
Yes: fully automatic equipment--
High output.
High interchange-
It\'s easy to set up networks of different sizes.
A variety of optional peripherals to choose from. Color touch-screen LCD--User-
Friendly operation, chart description, easy to maintain. Fine quality--
The whole machine was made in Taiwan.
Some key components from Europe, Japan and Taiwan have also been adopted. Custom design--
Allows customers to easily create their own unique product GSA-
25c specification: line length: infinite cross length: 1000 ~ 2400mm wire diameter: 3 ~ 6mm wire spacing: 100 cross line spacing: 50 * custom machine can provide finished products made of wire mesh welding, and its application is as follows: shell structure, wall structure, reinforced concrete road, retaining wall, protective slope, floor, floor, continuous wall, welding fence, metal fence, galvanized welded net, fine net, fence net, protective net, temporary fence, safety fence, safety/safety fence, safety barrier, prison Net, prison safety fence, rigid grid, screen partition, concrete reinforcement, building fence, concrete grid, concrete forming system, reinforced fabric, prefabricated reinforced material, prefabricated stainless steel wire, welded mesh fabric, wire mesh, engineering mesh, steel mesh, welded mesh, welded wire mesh.
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