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Metal laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-12
The heat-affected zone of the workpiece processed by laser is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the subsequent processing volume is small. Fiber laser cutting and starting the laser can perform various processing on the workpiece in the closed container through the transparent medium. The laser is easy to guide. After gathering, it can be changed in all directions, and it is very easy to cooperate with the numerical control system. It is easy to process messy workpieces. Therefore, fiber laser cutting and laser cutting is an extremely sensitive cutting processing method.

   Fiber laser cutting machine selects different cutting gases for different materials. In addition, because the pressure sensor is installed in the cutting gas system of the fiber laser cutting machine, it can ensure that the machine tool can stop working in time when the gas pressure is not enough, and avoid the scrap of the cut parts. The air pressure threshold can be adjusted and set by the upper screw of the pressure sensor, and the compressed air and oxygen used for cutting can also be adjusted by the program-controlled proportional regulating valve.
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