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Metal laser cutting machine operating rules, you must understand!

by:VENTECH     2022-03-10

Hongte Metal Laser Cutting Machine

After purchasing a metal laser cutting machine, you must be familiar with the operation method and safety regulations of the equipment. This will be explained clearly after the manufacturer installs the machine, but what if you forget the operating rules of the metal laser cutting machine? Familiar with it, remember it, use it, this is a necessary homework for every operator, let us review the operating rules of the metal laser cutting machine!
1. Safety regulations

1. Start the laser strictly according to the laser start procedure, adjust the light, and try to cut the workpiece.

2. The operator must be trained to be familiar with cutting software, equipment structure, performance, and knowledge of the operating system.

3. Wear labor protection equipment in accordance with regulations, and must wear eye protection specified by the symbol near the laser beam.

4. The operator is not allowed to leave the post without authorization when the equipment is started. If it is necessary to leave, stop the machine and turn off the emergency stop button and enable it.

5. Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing.

6. Keep lasers, laser heads, machine tools and surrounding sites in an orderly manner, free of oil stains, and place workpieces, materials, and waste materials neatly as required.

7. The use of gas tanks should strictly abide by the gas tank supervision regulations. When opening the gas tank, the operator must stand on the side of the air outlet.

8. During maintenance, the high-voltage regulations must be strictly followed. Turn off the power and check the cause of the equipment failure.

9. Must strictly abide by fire safety regulations. Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach.

10. Do not process a certain material if it can be irradiated or cut by laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.

11. Be careful when loading and unloading materials to ensure personal safety.

2. Operation sequence Boot steps:

1. Total power supply. The stabilized power supply starts. (Check the three-phase voltage balance) 2. Open the cutting gas main valve. (Check whether N2 and O2 are leaking)

3. Turn on the water cooler. Check whether the water temperature and water pressure are normal. (Laser water temperature is 25℃, fiber and cutting head water temperature is 28℃) 4. Turn on the machine power (key switch)

5. Start the laser. The laser power is on. High pressure is on. (The indicator light is green)

6. The operating software system starts, and the machine tool returns to zero. The sensor of the cutting head is calibrated automatically or manually, and executes the MDI function (voltage value is 9.8V). (When starting up every day, the machine tool must return to zero. The sensor of the cutting head is calibrated automatically or manually, and the MDI function is executed)

7. Adjust the focus position and change the nozzle according to the corresponding material.

8. Manually test the gas N2 and O2 to confirm whether the gas pressure is normal. 9. Confirm whether the cutting procedure is consistent with the material.

10. Recall the processing program in the (automatic interface) and load the cutting parameters.

11. Start the program, and the red light will go to the border. Check whether the cutting program is in the board range.
12. Start the program and start processing. Pay attention to the cutting situation at any time during the processing. If the cutting head may collide or the path is hollow, it should be suspended immediately, and the cutting can only be continued after troubleshooting.

3. Shutdown sequence: (opposite to boot)

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