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Metal laser cutting machine is moving towards high power era

by:VENTECH     2022-02-03

In 2015, the 6000W fiber laser cutting machine came out. At that time, the market application was still dominated by medium power below 3000W. In just a few years, the power of the fiber laser cutting machine jumped from 6000W and 8000W to 10kW and 12kW. The era of unreachable 10,000-watt cutting has arrived.

With the emergence of 10,000-watt laser cutting machines, the thickness of material cutting is constantly being broken, and the metal processing market with a thickness of 30mm or more is opened. It is foreseeable that with the successive launch of 12kW and 15kW fiber laser cutting machines, the thickness limit of material cutting will continue to be broken.

The increase in power has brought revolutionary opportunities to the sheet metal processing industry. In addition to processing thicker materials, the processing efficiency of laser cutting machines has also made a qualitative leap. The data shows that when processing 8mm stainless steel, the speed of 6000W laser cutting machine is 400% higher than that of 3000W laser cutting machine, and when processing 20mm stainless steel, the speed of 12kW is 114% higher than that of 10kW.

With its flexible processing range, powerful cutting capacity, and ultra-high processing efficiency, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has become the representative of the latest productivity in the laser cutting field.

On October 28th, HG Laser launched the MARVEL 'W' series of X-generation laser cutting machine. The new generation of laser cutting machine MARVEL 12000W uses domestic core light sources and independently researches and develops the cutting head. It is a high-performance laser cutting product with the goal of large-scale production, improving processing efficiency, and reducing single product costs. Its listing signifies that the core light source of my country's laser equipment has entered the 10,000-watt era, and the laser processing technology and manufacturing level have reached a new level.

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