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MARVEL6000 creates a new era of domestic high-power laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

People say that the fiber laser cutting machine is an advancement standing on the shoulders of giants. It first began to rise in developed countries abroad, driving the rapid development of its related manufacturing industries. China has begun to catch up in recent years, and it has achieved a catch-up in the field of fiber laser cutting machines.

This has also enabled China to shorten the gap between high-end manufacturing and foreign high-end equipment manufacturing, and may even make China's high-end equipment manufacturing catch up with the pace of foreign high-end equipment manufacturing technology. Fiber laser cutting machines help China's manufacturing industry to achieve leapfrogging Development is indispensable.

According to forecasts, the market size of laser cutting equipment in my country will still maintain a steady growth trend. By 2020, the market size of laser cutting equipment in my country will reach 1.9 billion yuan. As a leading brand in the industry, HG Laser continues to innovate and promote the advancement of the laser cutting machine industry with the actual industry. In September of this year, Huagong Laser launched a new cost-effective laser cutting machine-MARVEL6000 series, which brings sheet metal processing users a new 'intelligent' choice of high-power laser cutting machines.

Autonomous light source

HuaGong Laser has joined hands with Wuhan, MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with 6000W laser, mastering the core light source technology, breaking the history of pure assembly of high-power laser cutting machine relying on imported technology, and reducing maintenance costs and procurement costs by 15%- 20%.

Super fast experience

With powerful cutting ability, 'flying' cutting speed, cutting speed as fast as 80m/min, acceleration 1.5G, 1mm plate can cut 600 circular holes with 2mm diameter per minute.

Stable structure

The gantry double-drive structure is adopted, with stable structure, good rigidity, and high speed. The bed is an integral welded structure, and the beam is cast aluminum, all of which have undergone multiple aging treatments, which has the advantage of good dynamic response. The product has good stability, long life and strong practicability.

Convenient after-sales service

HuaGong Laser has established a complete marketing network, and currently has more than 40 offices in China, distributed in major central cities in my country. 'Close to users and extended services

The brand is not a slogan, but a company's years of accumulation of technology and service. With 46 years of development of HGLASER, the launch of MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machine brings more than just one kind to customers The brand-new technical solution is a pursuit of Huagongfa Laser for technological innovation and products beyond imagination.

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