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Magnetic sticker refrigerator sticker laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2021-12-30

Magnetic sticker is a kind of PVC magnetic sticker that is often used for decoration or memo. Because it is often used on refrigerators, it is also called magnetic refrigerator magnets. Magnetic refrigerator magnets can be divided into soft magnetic refrigerator magnets and hard magnetic refrigerator magnets, with slightly different performances. Compared with traditional self-adhesive stickers, magnetic refrigerator stickers are reusable and can be used multiple times without material loss.

The surface of the PVC magnetic refrigerator magnet is PVC soft glue, and a layer of soft magnet is attached to the back, which can be made into a flat effect or a 3D effect. The surface of the magnetic sticker can be printed with a variety of patterns and numbers, which play a role in publicity and promotion, or used for home decoration, and is widely used by people. In the production process of magnetic stickers, cutting is an indispensable part. For the cutting of magnetic stickers, we often choose a laser cutting machine for cutting, with smooth edges and no burrs, no post-processing procedures, fast cutting, and fast and efficient cutting of magnetic refrigerator stickers. When there is a pattern on the surface of the magnetic sticker, an automatic recognition system can be installed to automatically recognize the pattern and cut along the edge without damaging the product itself, and the cutting effect is good.

Magnetic sticker laser cutting machine is generally suitable for cutting all kinds of magnetic sticker materials, and the magnetic sticker is widely used, such as: refrigerator sticker cutting, automobile magnetic sticker Cutting, magnetic sticker billboard cutting and other applications are widely used, the cutting function is stable, and the effect is beautiful.

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