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LCP film, antenna material laser cutting process

by:VENTECH     2022-02-20

LCP is a new type of polymer material, known as the 'key material to choke the 5G throatAt the beginning of its development, high temperature resistant materials often used in microwave ovens. With the development of technology and the expansion of application fields, LCP has gradually entered people due to its high temperature resistance, high strength mechanical properties, superior electrical properties and processing properties. The field of vision is gradually being applied to the scientific application of 5G.

Common LCP products include electronic component connectors, antenna materials, production of connecting pipes and sensors, etc., which are widely used. With the 5G era With the arrival of LCP as an antenna material, the demand is greatly increased. Xiaobian today introduces a LCP material cutting equipment-laser cutting machine. In the 3C field, the cutting requirements for LCP are relatively high, and traditional cutting methods have gradually been unable to meet the increasing technological requirements. In order to make the most technological progress, LCP laser cutting machine has entered people's field of vision and replaced the traditional cutting method.

What are the advantages of LCP laser cutting machine cutting?

1. Non-contact processing: In laser processing, only the laser beam is in contact with the processed part, and no cutting force acts on the cut part to avoid damage to the surface of the processed material.

2. High processing accuracy and low thermal influence: Pulsed laser can achieve extremely high instantaneous power, high energy density and low average power. It can be processed instantly and the heat-affected area is extremely small, ensuring high Precision machining, small heat affected area.

3. High processing efficiency and good economic benefits: laser processing efficiency is often several times that of mechanical processing, and there is no consumables and pollution. The laser stealth cutting technology of semiconductor wafers is a brand-new laser cutting process, which has many advantages such as fast cutting speed, no dust generated during cutting, no loss of cutting substrate, small cutting path required, and complete dry process.

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