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Laser welding creates safety and quality

by:VENTECH     2022-03-17

During the Spring Festival, the news that a Chinese tour group was in danger on a boat in Malaysia touched the hearts of countless people.

On January 29, a cruise ship carrying 28 Chinese tourists and 3 crew members sank in the waters off the beach island in Sabah, Malaysia. As of February 7, it has been confirmed that 4 Chinese tourists have been killed, and 4 Chinese tourists and 1 crew member are still missing.

In recent years, incidents of missing cruise ships are not uncommon in Sabah. In June 2016, a cruise ship carrying 12 Chinese tourists suffered water damage due to damage and lost contact in the waters of Sabah. After searching, all Chinese tourists were rescued. In May 2016, four people, including a Hong Kong citizen, lost contact after going to sea in Sabah and were rescued by a passing Vietnamese fishing boat.

The occurrence of the accident once again pushed the issue of safety before everyone. In the hull construction, welding man-hours account for about 30%-40% of the total hull construction man-hours, and welding costs about 30%-50% of the total hull construction costs. The welding production efficiency and welding quality directly affect the production cycle of processing and manufacturing , Costs and hull quality, efficient welding technology is of great significance to the enterprise.

Manufacturing consists of many parts. The parts suitable for laser welding are mainly decks and bulkheads, because the welds of decks and bulkheads are straight, long, and mainly flat plate butt joints and T-joints. For aesthetics, laser welding is the first choice.

In the case of full-position welding, the laser welding process can not only weld the same material, but also weld materials of different thicknesses. In the process of steel plate laser welding, there will be a prompt alarm for defects in order to re-weld in time to avoid strip breakage. In addition, the on-line inspection of the assembly state before welding and the position of the joints, the stability of the welding process, and the quality of the welds after welding, etc., can predict the possible welding defects and the deviation of the joint position.

Compared with other welding methods, laser welding has a small focal spot diameter and a power density of 106~108W/cm2, which is several orders of magnitude higher than arc welding. The welding speed is usually up to 1m/min, even It can reach several meters per minute, and the welding parts have high precision and small deformation after welding.

As the world's leading company in cutting and welding technology, Farilee has developed an online laser welding machine for steel plates that has been successfully applied to low-carbon steel, coated steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other fields. Leading domestically, reaching the international advanced level.

Partial enlargement of the weld seam

The WALC9030 large format CNC laser cutting and welding machine launched by Farilei High-performance wide format CNC laser cutting and welding machine adopts the process plan of laser cutting and welding combination, which eliminates the pre-processing process of laser welding on the plate , It can be positioned and formed at one time, with high processing accuracy, and guaranteed welding quality, which escorts safety.

WALC9030 large format CNC laser cutting and welding integrated machine

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