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Laser technology creates metal kitchen to add coolness to summer

by:VENTECH     2022-02-08

Summer is scorching, hot kitchens most need all-metal arms. All kinds of stainless steel appliances and kitchen utensils occupy all areas of the kitchen. Its cold touch and metallic luster exudes a chill, and it also allows users to feel a bit of coolness from the bottom of their hearts. .

Stainless steel is widely loved by kitchen appliance manufacturers for its corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and is widely used in the home appliance industry. Stainless steel range hoods, gas stoves, and electric ovens, although they emit heat, have a cold appearance and will not give people the feeling of overheating.

The design of stainless steel cabinets is mostly simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reducing unnecessary decorative lines, thus creating a sense of open space. At the same time, it can be divided and combined, all components can be installed and combined freely, and it has complete functions.

The kitchen exuding a sense of metal, lacking redundant colors and decorations, adds a bit of coolness to the hot summer, and the visible appearance also puts forward higher requirements on the processing technology of kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils. .

Laser cutting

For kitchen equipment, stainless steel sheet metal panels with a thickness of 3mm or less are the main products. There are many types of sheet metal parts, and the products are updated quickly. The use of laser cutting not only has high processing speed, high efficiency, but also It completes the cutting of any shape of the plate without changing the mold or cutter, which shortens the preparation time period.

The laser beam has a short transposition time and is easy to complete continuous processing. The most important point is that the laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, smooth section, no stress deformation, eliminating the need for secondary processing of kitchenware sheet metal, and improving the yield of kitchenware equipment, which really effectively improves product quality and production The cycle saves more costs for the company and ensures the product's price advantage.

Zhitefarile fiber laser cutting machine, with excellent beam quality, extremely high cutting speed, extremely high stability, extremely high electro-optical conversion efficiency, extremely low use cost, has been Metal processing, kitchenware and other industries have been widely used, and have accumulated a wealth of industry application experience and brand awareness.

Laser welding

In the processing of white goods, in order to achieve better welding results, more and more home appliance companies adopt laser welding technology. Laser welding is the use of laser beam fusion materials with extremely high energy density. It has the advantages of fast welding speed, high strength, narrow welding seam, small heat-affected zone, small deformation of the workpiece, less follow-up processing workload, and high flexibility. The amount of deformation is very small, and a very beautiful welding surface effect can be obtained. Nowadays, kitchen appliances are increasingly pursuing texture, and they are a good helper in the production of household appliances.

The JRH professional laser welding equipment launched by Zhitefalilai mainly uses three-dimensional robots to drive the movement of the laser welding head, and performs automatic laser welding on stainless steel sheet metal parts in the kitchenware industry. The external optical path is transmitted through optical fiber, and the sealing is good. , Safe and reliable, the whole system realizes the fully automatic welding of smoke hoods in the kitchenware industry, with good welding quality, high efficiency, and convenient man-machine operation.

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