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Laser cutting processing technology progress

by:VENTECH     2022-03-02

As fiber lasers are developing towards high power, short pulses, and high beam quality, the mode field area of u200bu200btraditional active double-clad fibers has become a bottleneck in the development of fiber lasers.

Laser cutting the active fiber with micro-structure fiber technology provides an effective method for increasing the mode field area. The laser beam produced in this way has good guidance and good correlation, and its cutting ability has a good density and a large cutting volume. It can realize automatic layout and nesting, high material utilization rate, low production cost and high economic benefit.

The following will give you a specific description of the characteristics of the laser cutting outsourcing process:

It is excellent and fine in cutting quality.

The laser beam used in the cutting process of the laser can be gathered into a very small spot, so that the laser can reach a very high cutting power. Therefore, its cutting speed is high, the cutting precision is high, and it can guarantee The workpiece is not deformed.

It has strong practicability and high sensitivity.

This cutting process uses thermal cutting technology. The area affected during cutting is small and does not produce a large range effect. Another advantage is that it can be Certain non-metals are processed, of course, this is also not possible with other cutting equipment. It has very high energy, can freely control the change of its density, and can also perform local operation.

The laser beam has good control characteristics, can freely control the working track of the laser cutting machine, and can perform corresponding cutting on any hard material part. For these small pieces, we can also perform partial cutting. No cutting force, no deformation, no tool wear, good material adaptability, and long effective life. No matter simple or complex sheet metal parts, it can be laser quickly and precisely formed and cut at one time.

Laser is a processing method that is widely used in laser processing. It has special applications in the laser processing industry. Laser cutting has a wide range of applications in automotive, aerospace, chemical and other industrial fields.

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