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Laser cutting process of laptop keyboard

by:VENTECH     2021-12-29

Notebook computers are common office appliances in everyday homes, because they are easy to operate and carry. , To meet the needs of people working at any time, is purchased and used by more and more people. In the production of notebooks, the process is relatively cumbersome and belongs to the more complex products in electronic products. Therefore, its cost is relatively high, and the requirements for craftsmanship are relatively high. What the editor introduces today is a CO2 laser cutting machine specially designed for cutting laptop keyboards.

The electronic material cutting machine is mainly designed and developed for the 3C electronics industry. It is equipped with imported lasers and screw drive devices, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy and can be perfectly realized. Refined cutting of notebook keyboard. The cutting precision is high, the effect is good, the efficiency is fast, suitable for mass production, suitable for electronic product manufacturers, and can cooperate with the production line to realize the highly intelligent keyboard cutting. The energy control is accurate, the heat-affected area of u200bu200bthe product edge is small, and the cutting effect is smoother. The marble platform can reduce the cutting error to a large extent, and can realize the full cut and half cut of the material.

Computer keyboard laser cutting machine is widely used in the electronics industry, and can be used for electronic film material cutting, electronic display cutting, solar panel cutting, and control Panel cutting, electronic plastic casing cutting, etc. It belongs to the equipment with higher configuration in the laser cutting machine.

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