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Laser cutting process of dust-free clothing and anti-static clothing fabric

by:VENTECH     2022-01-14

With the development of the economy, factories are gradually moving towards standardization. Many companies have built dust-free workshops to ensure that their products are more competitive in an increasingly competitive market. The dust-free workshop is very necessary for many products with high environmental requirements, such as cosmetics, medical and health, aviation, printing and packaging, aerospace and military science.


With the establishment of dust-free workshops, people’s demand for dust-free clothing and anti-static clothing has gradually increased. In a dust-free workshop, wearing dust-free clothing is a basic requirement for personnel. Regardless of the fact that there is only a thin layer of dust-free clothing, it has a huge effect on production. In the production of dust-free clothing, We usually choose dust-free clothing laser cutting machine for cutting and cutting. The fabric cut by the dust-free clothing laser cutting machine has a neat shape, smooth edges and unfocused edges, which completely bid farewell to the problem of loose edges in the cutting edge of dust-free clothing fabrics. Mass production of clean clothes. It is widely used on the production line by many manufacturers of clean clothes.

   Especially in the past two years, the rapid development of the medical and health industry has increased the Demand, the popularity and application of laser cutting machines for clean clothes have improved the production quality and quality of clean clothes, which has greatly promoted the standardized production of medical and health industries.

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Clean clothing laser cutting machine is mainly used in various clean clothing fabrics, anti-static fabric cutting Cutting, clean clothing cutting, etc.

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