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Laser cutting of clothing lettering film, a new process you don’t know

by:VENTECH     2022-01-13

Common clothing such as sportswear, casual pants, sweaters, T-shirts, etc. can be seen everywhere LOGO, all kinds of graphic patterns, usually the lettering film is laminated by heat transfer On the clothing fabric. According to different clothing fabric applications, different lettering films can be selected: elastic TPU lettering film, glitter (fine) lettering film, PVC lettering film, reflective luminous lettering film, printable lettering film and imitation metal lettering film, etc. So, how are these lettering films cut out? The engraving film laser cutting machine helps you understand this problem.

The engraving film laser cutting machine is a high-quality choice for cutting engraving film. The steps of covering the lettering film on the clothing fabric are as follows: design the required pattern through the computer-engrave the pattern with a laser engraving film cutting machine-tear off the various parts of the pattern-place the lettering film on the garment-through heat transfer The heat transfer machine turns hot-to tear off the PET release substrate from the surface. Engraving film cutting is an indispensable step among many steps. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable laser engraving film cutting machine, which can greatly reduce the cost of manpower and material resources and improve production efficiency.

Hongte’s engraving film laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and low thermal effect, which can greatly reduce the melting edge of the engraving film and cut accurately and quickly.

Recommended model: engraving film laser cutting machine


Machine advantages

◆ Using imported CO2 radio frequency laser, the spot quality is good, the output power is stable

◆ The dynamic scanning system is adopted, the working range is large, High speed and flexibility, stable performance.

◆ Optional visual alignment and flying marking functions

◆ The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet a larger processing area.

◆ The marking graphics are rich and diverse, and the lettering film can be customized for various basketball personalized flowers, which can be customized on demand.


Applicable materials

Leather, greeting cards, wood materials, rubber, bamboo products, plexiglass, ceramic tiles, plastics, Marking and engraving on the surface of non-metallic materials such as marble, jade, crystal, cloth, and foam.

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