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Laser cutting metal furniture, simple and stylish, you deserve it

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Metal furniture is becoming more and more common in daily life. Whether in homes or public spaces, metal furniture is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. It has gradually replaced traditional wooden furniture and has become the new favorite of the home. In the production process of metal furniture, the cutting of metal planes and metal plates is involved, so metal laser cutting machines or laser pipe cutting machines are commonly used.

This set of furniture made in Italy includes stackable armchairs, high chairs, benches, square tables, and round tables. The appearance is simple in lines, and it has both practical and artistic value.

The table and chair are made of steel tube frame, laser-cut aluminum seat and backrest, and the surface of the table is hot-dip galvanized steel. Although it is made of metal, the overall structure is light and handy. The chair can be conveniently placed on top of the table, making it easier to organize, clean, and more practical.

The complete set of metal furniture is available in white, red, black and gray. Each color presents a completely different texture. Although it is an outdoor product, it is also very suitable for indoor, private and public use.

Such a set of metal furniture design perfectly shows the difference between metal furniture and traditional furniture. Its lightweight structure gets rid of the heavy feeling of wooden furniture, and its solid texture can withstand outdoor wind and rain. The simple appearance can better reflect the modern beauty, and the application of the metal laser cutting machine in the production process also adds more sense of science and technology.

In fact, many metal products in modern homes rely on metal laser cutting machines for processing. This is because metal furniture requires higher processing quality, especially the quality of cut sections. Huagong Laser has many years of experience in Ru0026D and production of metal laser cutting machines. The power range of metal laser cutting equipment is 1000W-12000W. It provides diversified choices for the metal processing field. The quality of the equipment is excellent and the processing quality is good.

The traditional metal processing technology wants to obtain the best processing effect, and often requires secondary processing and grinding, while the metal laser cutting machine hardly needs secondary processing, which effectively improves the processing efficiency.

More importantly, the CNC metal laser cutting machine can process the required shape according to the demand. It has higher flexibility and can help the metal processing industry to achieve flexible and efficient production. This is also the creative design of the metal laser cutting machine. One of the reasons why the field is so popular.

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