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Laser cutting machine set off a new sheet metal processing revolution

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

Introduction: It is said that whenever you see the smoke rising from the upright chimney from a distance, it will stimulate your homesickness, but as a person with professional knowledge in the 21st century, you have thought of such sheet metal materials How is the chimney made? The following editor will take you to Falile to see the laser cutting machine.

About sheet metal processing:    sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing. Specifically, for example, the use of plates to make chimneys, iron barrels, fuel tanks, oil tanks, ventilation pipes, elbows, elbows, squares, funnels, etc. The main processes include shearing, bending, bending, forming, welding, riveting, etc. Certain geometric knowledge. Sheet metal parts are thin metal parts, that is, parts that can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means. A general definition is a part with a constant thickness during the processing process. Corresponding to castings, forgings, machined parts, etc., sheet metal processing is a hub technology that sheet metal technicians need to grasp, and it is also an important process for sheet metal product forming. China has gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center. Coupled with the continuous increase of foreign investment, the demand for metal processing has continued to increase, and the demand for sheet metal processing capabilities has also increased. As There are as many as ten methods, which also put forward higher requirements for sheet metal processing in terms of accuracy. In the highly competitive environment of the entire market, laser processing technology emerged in the sheet metal workshop. The laser cutting process has the advantages of flexibility and flexibility. In view of the problems existing in traditional sheet metal cutting at this stage, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing. Laser cutting is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing, and it is the 'processing center' in sheet metal processing.   CNC laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed, especially flexible processing (without mold opening). It has become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology and has a trend to replace CNC punching and shearing equipment. FARLEY•LASERLAB's cost-effective and high-performance CNC laser cutting machine is unique in the sheet metal industry and has been greatly favored by processing workshops. Falilei equipment has become a strong guarantee for sheet metal processing center business orders.

Recommended equipment: DF3015 fiber laser cutting machine

The biggest feature of    laser processing technology is that it can be processed without molds. The use of laser processing and blanking saves a lot of molds, shortens production time, reduces product costs, and better gains an advantage in the market. It is conducive to the production of various types of small batch products and mass production.   DF3015 fiber laser cutting machine is a typical representative of fiber laser applications in high-power cutting equipment. It has obvious technical advantages and is the best choice for thin plate cutting! DF3015 has the following advantages: stable and reliable machine tool structure, high-performance CNC system, high-efficiency exchange table, reliable safety protection and higher cutting speed.

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