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Laser cutting machine's optical path system application method

by:VENTECH     2022-02-26

Laser cutting machine is a widely used advanced cutting equipment. Generally, it can accurately cut materials and is loved by many manufacturers because of its high precision, environmental protection and low loss characteristics. , So it is generally used to cut some parts that require high-precision.

Some laser cutting machine processing processes require the laser cutting machine beam to be focused to obtain high power density; while other laser cutting machine processing processes require a uniform energy distribution within a specific shape of the light beam In order to obtain a large and uniform processing surface, in low-power systems, lenses are often used for focusing or scattering, but in high-power systems, metal reflection and refraction systems are often used to avoid the 'heat-generating lens effect.' Some lasers The cutting machine processing process adopts the processing method of beam movement. To make the laser cutting machine beam move in a controlled manner, a mechanical transmission part must be added to the optical path system.
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