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Laser cutting machine processing metal, enjoy what you want

by:VENTECH     2022-02-12

In the metal processing process, a major advantage of the laser cutting machine is that it has unparalleled flexibility. It can process metal parts of different shapes and sizes without a mold. Any creative idea can be used. With the help of a laser cutting machine, it can be quickly processed into a finished product.

A 'illustrated animal book' more than 50 years ago, the random graffiti is made by a metal laser cutting machine to become a unique metal sculpture.

Ordinary metal, through laser cutting and manual welding, is combined into a unique metal lamp. The lamp has two types: chandelier and floor-standing. It can emit light 360 degrees through the gap of the lampshade. If there is any lampshade Seemingly nothing, adds a touch of color to the home.

The above is just a corner of the laser cutting machine in metal processing, its charm is more than that.

In the industrial field, laser cutting machines have become the common choice of many industries due to their flexible processing advantages.

Home appliance industry

Home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., are updated very quickly, and various sheet metal parts in these appliances have different shapes and sizes. There are particularly many non-standard products that need to be customized. The incomparable flexibility of the laser cutting machine for metal processing meets this demand just right.

The processing of electrical sheet metal parts by a metal laser cutting machine not only saves mold costs, labor costs, time costs, etc., which are required for traditional sheet metal processing, but also greatly improves the accuracy of sheet metal parts. Makes delicate without burrs. More importantly, in this era when products are king, high-efficiency production and processing of parts helps to seize market opportunities faster.

Elevator manufacturing

Elevators are basically small-batch customized products. The interior decorations are also very different. There are many types of elevator sheet metal parts. However, traditional processing methods have long mold opening cycles, complex programming, and high requirements for operators, which restrict the elevator industry. With the development, the advantages of flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machines have also been brought into play, reducing product development costs.

At the same time, the fiber laser cutting machine is highly automated and intelligent, able to flexibly respond to various production tasks, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the operators, optimizing the production process flow, and improving the automation level of production management in the elevator manufacturing workshop.

Advertising industry

The creative upgrade speed of the advertising industry is fast, and the laser cutting materials are flexible and fast. Semi-automatic cutting meets the needs of the advertising industry. Cutting is not limited by the shape. You can cut quickly by typesetting through software.

At the same time, through reasonable typesetting, laser cutting can make great use of materials. The cost of metal plates is high. Saving production materials will undoubtedly save companies a lot of money and prevent waste, especially suitable for Processing needs of the advertising industry.

Nowadays, as a highly efficient and flexible processing equipment, laser cutting machines are glowing in all walks of life. As the birthplace and industry leader of China's industrial lasers, HG Laser has joined hands with world-class light source manufacturer Laser to apply 'China Light' to MARVEL series CNC fiber laser cutting machines, contributing more cost-effective laser equipment to the market, and helping China's manufacturing surging forward.

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