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Laser cutting machine precision adjusting method determination

by:VENTECH     2021-12-15

The accuracy of the laser cutting machine affects the cutting quality, so we will always pay attention to its accuracy when operating the laser cutting machine, so how to judge the best cutting focal length? What methods are used to adjust the accuracy of the laser cutting machine? It is roughly divided into the following three methods.

1. When the spot of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, the initial effect is established by spot shooting, and the focal length is judged by the size of the spot effect. We only need to look for the laser spot to the smallest point, then This position is the best focal length for processing, and then the processing starts.

2. In the first part of debugging the laser cutting machine, we can use some debugging paper and workpiece waste to spot the accuracy of the focal position, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser heads, and the size of the laser spot when spotting There will be different size changes. Repeated adjustments to different positions to find the smallest spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.

3. After the laser cutting machine is installed, a scribing device will be installed on the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine, and the scribing device will draw a simulated cutting pattern, which is a 1m square. A circle with a diameter of 1m is built in, and the four corners are drawn diagonally. After drawing, use a measuring tool to measure whether the drawn circle is tangent to the four sides of the square. Whether the diagonal length of the square is √2 (the data obtained by opening the square root is approximately: 1.41m), the central axis of the circle should bisect the sides of the square, and the weight point where the central axis and the two sides of the square intersect to the two sides of the square The distance of the intersection should be 0.5m. Test the distance between the diagonal and the intersection point to determine the cutting accuracy of the equipment.

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