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Laser cutting machine manufacturers share with you the application of 3D laser cutting machines in the manufacturing industry

by:VENTECH     2022-01-09

With the development of 3D laser machines, the center of global manufacturing has gradually shifted to my country. Compared with the past, the market demand for CNC laser cutting is increasing every year. Laser cutting technology is popular in the field of thin plate processing due to its flexibility and flexibility. At the same time, after years of development, laser technology has gradually formed a certain industrial scale in my country's manufacturing industry. In the following content, laser cutting machine manufacturer Hongte Laser shares with you the application of 3D laser cutting machine in the manufacturing industry.

3D laser cutting machine, a laser cutting machine specially designed for the automotive sheet metal industry, with its advantages of good stability, high precision, and fast speed, it is in the auto parts processing market in a important position. There is no need for a large number of manual manufacturing, and no need for experienced and skilled manual knife cutting, only the cooperation of the computer and the machine can complete the exquisite processing. Today is the age of technology and information. The 3D laser cutting machine is a product of the age of technology and has epoch-making significance. So don't worry too much about whether advanced equipment is suitable, whether it is easy to use, and whether the price is favorable. Survive in such a fiercely competitive processing industry. It is bound to be the equipment with the best sexual value.

The 3D laser cutting machine uses an intelligent manipulator to flexibly complete the cutting performance according to the size, nature, and purpose of the workpiece to be cut. Users can also choose to install the robot upright or upside down for teaching programming or offline programming. The sixth axis of the manipulator is equipped with a fiber laser cutting head, which can perform three-dimensional cutting of irregular cutting workpieces; the fiber cutting head is equipped with a follow-up device and an optical path transmission device, and multiple sets of focusing systems have been developed for processing parts with different thicknesses, which is conducive to three-dimensional Sheet metal is cut in multiple directions to meet customer needs.

3D laser cutting technology has a certain influence in the industrial manufacturing field, relying on rapid cutting and high The benefit of income, it has become a high-tech technology supported and cultivated by the state and the government. In recent years, the country has always emphasized the need to vigorously develop the manufacturing industry and promote the development of my country's social economy. It is expected that in the next few years, the three-dimensional laser cutting technology will still have an improvement. With the adjustment and integration of the manufacturing market, the market for laser cutting machines will become more and more extensive, and most importantly, they will be used in the following industries.

The processed parts of the 3D laser cutting machine have the advantages of high flexibility, high precision and high speed, which has become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology. High-performance, high-efficiency, and high-cost laser technology is unique in the industry and is welcomed by entrepreneurs. Similarly, the sales rate of laser equipment occupies a large percentage of the industry.

The automobile manufacturing industry is the concentrated force of 3D laser cutting machines. Fiber laser is the forefront of contemporary manufacturing technology. In my country and some European and American countries, about half of automobile parts are processed by fiber laser. At present, the automobile industry is mainly based on fiber laser cutting and fiber laser welding, which also includes plane cutting welding and three-dimensional laser cutting welding.

Manufacturers such as rail transit, 3D lighting, elevator escalator and so on will choose Honglei 3D laser cutting machine equipment, because of its durability, stability and popularity, use it The manipulator does not need to rework the processed parts twice, which improves work efficiency and production efficiency, and therefore brings more production benefits. In the electric box and elevator industry, due to fierce market competition, more and more small-scale manufacturers have more and more products. 3D laser cutting equipment has its advantages to reduce the proofing cycle and bring more customer benefits to the enterprise.

The special-shaped pipe fittings mostly use three-dimensional laser cutting technology, using a three-dimensional laser cutting machine to add a worktable to realize the linkage of seven-axis and eight-axis. It has excellent spatial control and time control and is easy to control. Tube laser cutting adopts a non-contact processing method. During the whole processing process, there will be no pressure on the workpiece, so it will not cause deformation of the outer surface of the tube.

The emergence of 3D laser cutting machines is a boon for the automobile manufacturing industry, large-scale rail transit, lighting and other industries. The excellent cutting quality effectively reduces the waste, which is quite high. The degree of automation and high efficiency greatly save labor costs. I believe that with the advancement of laser technology, 3D laser cutting opportunities will bring more convenience to the manufacturing industry!

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