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Laser cutting machine manufacturers choose to pay attention to these four points

by:VENTECH     2021-12-16

Most of our customers are investing in metal processing plants. When buying a laser cutting machine, they will visit the actual production situation arranged by the laser cutting machine manufacturer. Many customers are also very active to visit the site, but they What do you look at the machine on site, what kind of problems do you want to solve, and what kind of information do you know? Hongte laser cutting machine manufacturer equipment will analyze for you.

In fact, when conditions permit, laser cutting machine manufacturers generally arrange to take customers to visit sites that are in line with or close to the actual production needs of customers, but there are also situations that do not allow them, such as not nearby or too far. In the remote situation, it is possible that the site where customers are arranged to visit does not correspond well to their own needs. At this time, what do you want to see the equipment of the laser cutting machine manufacturer? No matter what site the customer is visiting, these 4 items should be understood , Allowing enterprises to easily choose the right equipment for themselves.

1. Equipment performance and configuration parameters: Hongte laser cutting machine manufacturers have different equipment and other equipment, you will know it! High cost performance, stable operation, from input of raw materials to finished products, through microcomputer Regulate, just one person. And energy-saving, high-capacity, complete models, accurate craftsmanship, to meet the needs of different enterprises!

2. Cutting quality and efficiency: Different laser cutting machines have different processing efficiencies, different cutting processes, and naturally different processing qualities. Different laser cutting machines are used in different occasions, such as cutting flat plates, cutting pipes, cutting curved materials, etc., which are deeply loved by customers! Which process is yours?

3. On-site observation experience: Unscheduled on-site observation, allowing companies to experience the operation of laser cutting machines on site, and feel the charm of cutting metal materials with technology! At the same time, it meets the actual production needs of customers and answers metal processing Problems in enterprise production.

4. The service system of laser cutting machine manufacturers: multi-faceted, such as: project analysis, plant layout, installation and commissioning, technical training, maintenance, sales advice, market trends, etc., making enterprises easy and worry-free!< /p>
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