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Laser cutting machine makes metal homes full of imagination

by:VENTECH     2022-02-13

The application of laser cutting machine has brought changes to many industries, especially in metal processing. The laser cutting machine integrates superb cutting and hollowing technology into the original dull and cold metal material, and injects new ideas into modern home decoration. The design of aesthetics and practical value allows you to experience a different home life.

Below, Mr. Laser will show you the creative home made by laser cutting, there is always one that suits you~

△It uses natural semi-circular wood as the surface, and the feet are laser cut from a whole piece of steel plate, and the machine is bent. Such a simple combination becomes a stool and a coffee table. This design is not only durable, but also gives you a more realistic texture of two different materials.

The furniture collection launched by △Klein Agency combines precision technology and imperfect natural materials. It uses laser-cut steel, paired with copy-coated natural wood, and the naturally dyed leather is cold matt black powder coating. Layered steel or transparent steel plate adds a feeling of warmth.

△MDF is made of high-strength but very light aluminum alloy. The manufacturing process used is the same as that of Apple’s Pro series notebook computers. The aluminum alloy laser cutting is an integrated process, so it has a special texture. , The concise and generous integrated design won the Best Furniture Design Award as soon as it appeared on the market.

△Garden rattan leaf stool-Brooklyn designer Marc Thorpe's work, inspired by leaves and morning glory, the 'stems' and 'leaves' of the table are welded with steel pipe rods to make powder-coated steel bars It is composed of laser-cut bent steel plate.

With the help of laser cutting technology, metal furniture gets rid of the original shape restrictions. They are no longer rigid, but are energized in the designer's creativity. The application of new materials and new processes makes the creative design of furniture a reality. For furniture manufacturers, the use of new processes also promotes the improvement of furniture production efficiency and promotes the further development and prosperity of the furniture industry.

The advantages of laser cutting metal furniture

●Laser cutting is a non-contact processing, no mechanical stress, avoiding the deformation problems in traditional processing technology, making the appearance of furniture more refined;

●Simplify the processing procedures, use a laser cutting machine for metal furniture processing, only need to input the graphics of the required parts into the software, you can get the finished product, eliminating polishing, deburring and other processes, saving labor And processing cost;

●The metal laser cutting machine can cut various complex graphics, not only can be used for processing conventional products, but for products with special specifications, it can be directly produced by re-layout and drawing. For the metal furniture industry Can effectively improve production efficiency.

Hua Gong Laser focuses on the Ru0026D and production of metal laser cutting machines. The company's high-speed automatic CNC laser pipe cutting machine can perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on round pipes, rectangular pipes, special-shaped pipes and other profiles. , MARVEL series fiber laser cutting machine can deal with all kinds of flat sheet cutting, cutting section burrs are minimal, the roughness is small, with professional production equipment, high-quality metal furniture can be created.

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