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Laser cutting machine is ideal for carbon steel cutting

by:VENTECH     2022-01-04

As a high-quality alloy steel, carbon steel has been widely used in daily life and industrial fields. Because carbon steel contains carbon, it does not reflect light strongly and absorbs light beams very well. Carbon steel is more suitable for laser cutting, and the processing effect is also very good. The cutting surface is flat, smooth, beautiful, easy to use, safe, and economical. cost.

When laser cutting carbon steel, the laser emitted by the laser irradiates the surface layer of the carbon steel. The silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements contained in the steel react, oxidize, melt and vaporize, and then penetrate the carbon steel, and then the laser displacement is controlled by digital control to achieve the purpose of cutting.

The advantages of laser cutting machine processing carbon steel:

1. The gantry structure and integral welded beam have high rigidity, stability and seismic resistance.

2. The rack and guide rail adopt full-sealed protection devices to prevent oil-free frictional movement and dust pollution, improve the service life of transmission parts, and ensure the accuracy of machine tool movement;

3. The professional laser cutting machine control system, computer operation, can ensure the cutting quality, make the cutting work more convenient and the operation simpler.

4. The laser cutting head is equipped with an imported capacitive non-contact height tracking system, which is sensitive and accurate, avoids the collision of the cutting head and the processed plate, and can ensure the cutting focus position. Stable cutting quality;

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