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Laser cutting machine is a right-hand man in the modernization of agricultural machinery manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

Guide: According to media reports, 30 provinces, cities, and regions have introduced household registration system reform plans, canceling the distinction between agricultural and non-agricultural household registration, and uniformly registering as resident household registration, which to a certain extent reflects the modernization of my country’s agriculture development trend.

   As the demand for agricultural machinery continues to rise, agricultural machinery manufacturers have more urgent needs for modern manufacturing processes. As an advanced production and processing tool, laser cutting machines have become a powerful assistant in the modernization of agricultural machinery manufacturing.

   In recent years, the degree of agricultural mechanization has become higher and higher, and the utilization rate of agricultural machinery such as tractors, rice beaters, threshers, and tillage machines has continued to increase, which has provided a huge market for the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. Space, but also brought production pressure to them. Under this increasing production pressure, traditional processing techniques can no longer meet market demand.

   With the development of laser technology, the application of laser cutting machines has successfully entered the agricultural machinery industry and solved the production pressure of agricultural machinery, speeding up the production demand for agricultural machinery automation. Especially in the processing of new agricultural machinery, there is no need for mold costs, which greatly shortens the cycle from research and development to production, improves the efficiency of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and reduces production costs.

  The advantages of using laser cutting machines to process agricultural machinery are mainly as follows:  1 The thickness of sheet metal processing parts for agricultural machinery is generally 2-6mm metal, and this thickness of sheet metal is precisely the best for metal laser cutting thickness. 2 The traditional agricultural machinery sheet metal processing parts are cut by the method of die punching machine. This method consumes a lot of molds and covers a large area. This defect is not only high in cost, but also larger defects in agricultural machinery products. The replacement speed is fast, and there are many types of sheet metal workpieces. It is impossible to realize the transition from Ru0026D experiment to experimental production to production through molds in a short period of time, which greatly limits its development. In the modern production process, the cycle is long. It means that the cost is high, which is not conducive to competition with peers. Competing with peers is not only the core technology, the applicability of the product and the production cycle are also important factors that cannot be ignored in the competition. The laser cutting machine is different. It has a fast cutting speed, a small footprint, and a high degree of flexibility. The sheet metal parts of the equipment can be cut at any time, which greatly shortens the cycle of the equipment from the laboratory to the product line. It has won the time advantage for market competition.  3 The fiber laser cutting machine cuts agricultural machinery sheets at a faster speed and better cutting quality. It can realize robot three-dimensional cutting and can process and shape workpieces of different shapes and thicknesses at one time, greatly shortening the production cycle and saving production costs.  4 The laser beam quality is high, and the non-contact processing method will not deform the workpiece, and there is no burr, and the processed quality is better.  5 Fully automated production can ensure assembly line operation, and the operation of the equipment is simpler and more user-friendly, avoiding high-intensity human labor.  6 The laser cutting machine has high photoelectric conversion rate, high integration, no consumables, greatly reduced production costs, and it will not cause pollution to the environment.

Laser cutting sheet metal samples

Falile Fiber Laser Cutting Machine DF3015

The application of    laser cutting machines in the agricultural machinery industry has become a trend, and it is also a powerful assistant in promoting the upgrading and transformation of the agricultural machinery industry. As a leader in the field of sheet metal cutting, Falile laser cutting machine provides professional and perfect technical services and solutions for a large number of agricultural machinery manufacturing customers, and contributes to the development of my country's agricultural modernization.

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