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Laser cutting machine improves the competitiveness of automobile manufacturing in an all-round way

by:VENTECH     2022-02-12

As a kind of advanced manufacturing equipment, the importance of laser cutting machine in the automobile manufacturing process has gradually become prominent.

Laser cutting and laser welding are required in all fields of automobile manufacturing. Laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, there are 50%~70% of auto parts. It is done by laser processing. At present, in China, the laser cutting machine has achieved remarkable results in the improvement of efficiency and processing quality in the process of automobile manufacturing and automobile parts processing, and has achieved huge market effects. .

Laser cutting in the automobile manufacturing process includes sheet metal laser cutting, which is in great demand, and automobile three-dimensional laser cutting systems, which involve automobile parts, automobile bodies, automobile door frames, automobile trunks, and automobiles. Various aspects such as roof cover, automobile body design and manufacturing.

Using sheet metal laser cutting machine, high precision, low pollution, high efficiency, can save a lot of mold manufacturing costs, low cost, and meet the needs of medium and small batches, large area and complex contour shapes. Cutting.

The advantages of 3D laser cutting also include the advantages of high flexibility and low labor intensity. For various complex and special processing requirements, special material workpieces, and temporary processing demand changes, such as changes in curved surfaces, trimming and holes, the laser cutting machine can respond flexibly.

In today's automobile manufacturing industry, competition is becoming more and more fierce, and new products are continuously introduced to meet the high-end pursuit and meet the needs of popularization. As a multi-disciplinary advanced thermal cutting equipment, the laser cutting machine integrates computer numerical control technology, high-precision mechanical transmission, and advanced laser applications. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, and non-contact and pollution-free. In today's automobile lightweight trend, the prospects are bound to become more and more broad.

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