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Laser cutting machine: high-tech makes car airbags 'safer'

by:VENTECH     2022-02-09

Currently, airbags have been widely used in automobiles. Most of the new vehicles' driving side, passenger side, and side curtain airbags are standard configurations. Rear airbags installed on the front seats and roof ( In the range of vehicle speeds between 20 and 50 km per hour, these airbags are designed to minimize certain frontal collisions) are also under development. Many passenger cars and light trucks are equipped with eight or more airbags.

In the event of an accident, the airbag is directly related to the life and property safety of the driver, and the slightest quality problem may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the importance of airbag production and quality management has become increasingly prominent. The most advanced laser cutting technology can help manufacturers meet these challenges.

In order to reduce costs, many airbag manufacturers use cheaper materials, such as polyester fibers. However, the inherent elastic characteristics of these materials are often prone to severe deformation. The laser cutting machine uses non-contact processing, which can ensure that even if this cheap material is used, the material characteristics will not be compromised.

The laser cutting machine has extremely high precision and can cut all unnecessary shapes, even those that are invisible to the naked eye. The use of a powerful wizard program to detect and mark can eliminate the risk of cutting a 1/10mm hole in the central part of the airbag.

In addition, the highly accurate dynamic control of the laser cutting machine can improve production efficiency, increase the level of standardization, and facilitate quality monitoring, so that products can maintain zero defects and meet increasingly demanding requirements.

Laser weakening equipment for car airbag panels

Finally, in order to allow the airbag to be broken smoothly, there will be weakening lines on the steering wheel or dashboard of the car, which are composed of a series of regularly arranged micro-holes. These micro-holes have very high requirements on the precision of the laser cutting process. It must be ensured that the micro-holes will not be completely cut through, and the remaining thickness must be guaranteed to be opened in time in the event of a car collision. (This process is called 'laser weakening')

Hua Gong Laser’s laser weakening equipment for car airbag panels integrates automatic loading and unloading laser processing, highly automated water and highly precise control, and it takes less than one minute to produce an airbag panel, which is successful Replace the traditional weakening of injection molding and cold knife weakening.

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