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Laser cutting machine helps kitchen appliances transform to high-end

by:VENTECH     2022-02-12

The 'Consumer Survey Report on High-end Home Appliances' released recently shows that 79.3% of consumers have plans to buy high-end home appliances in the past six months. 8 years ago, this proportion was only 28.2%; 8 years ago, update Replacement and new home decoration are factors driving the growth of the high-end market, and now 'only for the pursuit of quality life' is a more critical reason for purchase.

However, for kitchen appliance manufacturers, it is not easy to transform to high-end. Existing equipment such as shears, bending machines, punches, turret punches, plasma cutting machines, etc. can no longer provide powerful Competitive advantages, and unable to match higher processing requirements in the process of transforming kitchen utensils to high-end, kitchen electrical processing technology needs to be revolutionized.

In the kitchenware processing industry, a large number of sheet metal panels are used in products such as range hoods, gas appliances, cooktop panels, and large-scale commercial kitchenware. The traditional process requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles take a long time, work efficiency is low, and cost is high.

Laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment. Using laser cutting, not only the processing speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the cost is low, but also there is no need for mold or tool changes, which shortens the preparation time period. The laser beam transposition time is short, easy to complete continuous processing, and can effectively improve production efficiency.

For high-end kitchen appliance manufacturers, the improvement of production efficiency is only the basis for seizing the market, and product quality is the most important thing to impress increasingly discerning consumers.

Falilei kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series has good beam quality, high cutting accuracy, smooth section, no stress deformation, and can quickly and well complete the sheet metal blanking of a single material of any pattern, reducing The number of skilled workers eliminates the need for secondary processing of kitchenware sheet metal, and improves the yield of kitchenware equipment, fully demonstrating the beauty of high-end kitchenware craftsmanship.

GF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the increasingly fierce competition in the kitchen appliance market, the transformation of high-end has become the common choice of more and more visionary manufacturers. my country's kitchen appliance market is also entering a stage of qualitative change from rapid growth to maturity. In this process, Falile will go with the market all the way to provide more efficient and reliable processing equipment for kitchen electrical processing.

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