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Laser cutting machine helps domestic agricultural machinery break through

by:VENTECH     2022-02-12

Recently, a piece of news that Northeast farmers would rather spend 10 times the price of imported German plows really hurt the nerves of the people. People can’t help but sigh: Although it has become the world’s second largest economy after nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, China, with its ancient farming traditions, still cannot produce the proud plows and other high-end agricultural equipment. Do not pay a high price to purchase 'foreign plough'.

In recent years, my country’s agricultural sector has emphasized sustainable development and the development of a circular economy. At the same time, comprehensive measures have been taken to reduce waste of resources and materials in the process of agricultural production, reduce waste emissions, and improve agricultural production efficiency. . This requires changes to the original farming methods and requires agricultural machinery such as plows to carry out technological innovations suitable for green production.

On the other hand, more and more capital has entered the agricultural field one after another, and market economic factors and concepts such as cost accounting and increased efficiency have penetrated into the agricultural field, stimulating the demand for large, high-end agricultural machinery and equipment.

Faced with the current new development situation and requirements, the level of agricultural mechanization in my country is far behind that of developed countries and cannot yet meet the requirements of modern agriculture. This also means that domestically-made agricultural machinery equipment must not only be 'usable

The road to breakthrough is inseparable from the support of advanced processing technology. In the field of agricultural machinery processing, the application of laser processing technology is becoming more and more extensive. Traditional agricultural machinery sheet metal processing parts are cut by die punching machine. This method consumes a lot of molds, and has a large area and high cost. At the same time, it cannot adapt to the speed of replacement of agricultural machinery, which weakens the competitiveness of domestic agricultural machinery. .

Because the laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed and good processing effect, there is no need to perform secondary processing on the finished product, which can save valuable time for agricultural machinery production. At the same time, the CNC laser cutting machine can cut any shape as required, eliminating the need for mold production procedures.

The DF series CNC fiber laser cutting machine launched by Zhitfalilai has good overall rigidity and stable performance. It is a concentrated expression of high speed, high precision, high efficiency, and high cost performance. It is a sheet metal processing user. The best choice, so that agricultural machinery production no longer has to worry about.

The highlights of the DF series laser cutting machine:

Bright cutting: very few burrs, low roughness, better cutting quality; almost perfect verticality.

Diversified board options: Standard cutting mode and SuperCut mode can be switched arbitrarily, which can realize high-quality cutting of different thickness and different materials with only one device.

Intelligent cutting system: cutting gas automatic control, automatic focusing, expandable automatic loading and unloading mechanism and material storage unit.

Laser cutting equipment is the support of agricultural machinery in the process of modernization, and the magic weapon for sheet metal processing in the agricultural machinery industry. Zhitfalilai will be committed to creating better processing equipment for the agricultural machinery industry and helping domestic agricultural machinery Break through the competition with imported products.

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