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Laser cutting machine for car cover

by:VENTECH     2022-01-12

According to incomplete statistics, the total number of automobiles in China in 2020 has reached 280 million. Automobiles have become an essential transportation tool in modern society. In developed cities, they have basically reached the standard of one car per household, even There are two or even three cars in a family. With the large-scale application of small cars, many auto-related industries have been born, and car clothing is one of them.

Whether it is severe cold or scorching heat, a car parked outdoors always affects the hearts of many car owners, and car clothing is born in response to demand. Solve the problem that many car owners worry about. The car cover is commonly known as car clothing, which is an outer cover made of van cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant materials according to the overall size of the car, and a protective article for the car. It can play a better protective effect on car paint, car window glass and other parts, especially for small cars. The use of car clothing can prolong the service life of the car paint and make the car paint bright as new.

Our common fabrics for car covers are: PVC waterproof fabric, PEVA inner flocking cotton fleece composite car jacket fabric and PEVA lining, etc. , The car jacket is not only waterproof, flame-retardant but also anti-snow and frost, which effectively protects the car from harm. The common way to cut the car cover is laser cutting. The car cover fabric cut by the car cover laser cutting machine is accurate in size, and the edges are smooth and flat, which is suitable for mass production of car clothing. With the fabric laser cutting machine, no matter how complex the structure of the vehicle model is, the car cover and the car can be closely attached. The car clothing laser cutting machine not only improves the accuracy of cutting, but also greatly improves the cutting efficiency. Laser cutting is the car The optimal way to cut the garment car cover.

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