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Laser cutting machine creates futuristic kitchenware

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

With the aura of high-tech and environmentally friendly materials, as well as a futuristic and fashionable appearance, the uniquely designed kitchenware not only makes the routine three meals a day as fun as a game, but also changes it subtly. The rules of our cooking and life make the kitchen time a bit less greasy and a bit more dreamy.

Outdoor cooking machine

Want to have a picnic or barbecue outdoors but hate the fumes that pollute the environment? The advent of the Gosun outdoor cooking machine has realized the camping dream of environmental protection enthusiasts. It does not need an open flame, and is completely heated by solar energy. The super heat-absorbing device is very sensitive and can be used worry-free even on cloudy days. The internal heating temperature can reach up to 290 degrees Celsius, and various tasks of frying, roasting, frying and cooking can be completed in 20 minutes. Lightweight figure is easy to carry. The key is that the style is still very fashionable.


The inspiration is the so-called 'Day of the Dead' in Mexico, with snow-white skeletons, huge eyes, slender arms, and silver ribs-but you wouldn't think this is a scary thing, You will even be willing to play with it if you have nothing to do.

Chute type safety cutter

This uniquely shaped kitchen knife adopts a double-layer nesting structure inside and outside. When the shell 'armor' is translated, the curved blade cuts vegetables back and forth. The inner blade can be placed upside down into the armor to prevent accidental scratching. The safety is excellent.

The sense of the future is often linked to high-tech, and the production of kitchen utensils is also inseparable from the support of advanced technology. Stainless steel panels are widely used in the kitchenware processing industry. Traditional processing methods consume large molds, low work efficiency, and high costs, which restrict product upgrading, technological improvement and innovation. It is even more important to produce products with a sense of design. It's harder.

For kitchenware processing enterprises, looking for new breakthroughs has become an inevitable choice. As the industry's recognized leading brand in plate cutting and welding, Zhitfalilai produces kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series that meet the needs of kitchenware processing companies to provide the best solution to the above-mentioned problems.

Zhitefalilai kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine series has a series of characteristics such as good beam quality, high precision, small slits, material saving, smooth cutting surface and safe operation. It can be completed quickly and well. Sheet metal blanking of a single piece of material with arbitrary graphics reduces the number of skilled workers, eliminates the pressure of rising labor costs, greatly improves work efficiency, and saves tens of thousands of yuan in processing fees per month. The investment cost of the laser cutting machine can be recovered in one year.

At the same time, it can easily and quickly realize the processing samples of the panel, which reduces the cost of new product development and shortens the development cycle of new products. For some special-shaped products, laser cutting machines have unique advantages.

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