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Laser cutting machine can be applied to mold manufacturing

by:VENTECH     2022-01-09

In recent years, the mold industry has developed very rapidly and has always relied on traditional processing methods for production. However, traditional processing methods are far from meeting the existing development needs, and transformation and development are imperative. Therefore, the advantages of laser cutting machines in the mold industry are gradually showing.

Most of my country's mold processing uses imported equipment from abroad, and enterprises have a very large investment and growth rate. There are more than 10 billion mold processing equipment needs every year. Moreover, the equipment needs of mold companies are continuous for a long time, which means that it is also a very big business opportunity for laser cutting machines. With the continuous improvement of laser technology, the application of laser technology has become more and more extensive, showing a good trend in the future development trend. And all kinds of laser cutting machines are gradually being used in large quantities in the processing of automobiles, hardware, molds, and machinery. Among the advantages of the mold industry, the performance of the laser cutting machine is particularly remarkable. Han's Super Energy specializes in the production of 500W-3000W fiber laser cutting machine. Take 3000W laser cutting machine as an example, cutting metal sheet thickness range 0.5mm-20mm carbon steel.

In the future mold industry market, the development trend of large-scale and diversified parts is shown. In addition, the stability and reliability of materials to molds are increasing. The higher the higher, the higher the requirements for the inheritance and high precision of the mold equipment. These are the shortcomings of the existing mold equipment and the advantages of the laser cutting machine. The workpieces cut by the laser There are almost no requirements for material, material type, and size, and the workpieces cut with good beam quality can be processed without subsequent processing. Relatively speaking, the processing cost is lower, the stability is higher, and no maintenance is required. Of course, in some respects, the laser cutting machine is also subject to certain conditions relative to the mold industry.

Laser cutting machine application

In the mold industry The cutting effect is very good, and it is deeply loved by mold companies. It is mainly used in small and medium-sized precision molds, large and medium-sized precision plastic molds and other precision molds. Next, the editor will give you a specific introduction:

1. Small and medium-sized precision molds

The demand for such molds is also quite large. There are many types, a wide range of services, manufacturing and There are many applications in the electromechanical industry, mainly precision cutting by laser cutting machines. At the same time, the development of the mold industry has also driven the technological development of laser equipment, and the continuous pursuit of new technologies has made laser technology more and more powerful. Therefore, the two promote and develop each other.

2. Large and medium-sized precision plastic molds

Large and medium-sized precision molds are mainly used in the automotive industry and home appliance industry, because The molds required by these industries are very precise, so more advanced laser cutting machines are needed to meet the processing needs of parts.

3. Other precision molds

With the wide application of alloys, laser cutting machines, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy casting molds Rapid development. With the rapid development of my country's construction industry, the demand for new types of buildings has increased, and various special-shaped molds and plastic pipe molds have also made great progress. The market for laser cutting machines, the corresponding mold processing equipment, will have a bright future.

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