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Laser cutting machine brings good news to sheet metal punching

by:VENTECH     2022-02-10

Guide: Sheet metal punching is usually made by punching, but the disadvantages are low precision and many burrs, so punch punching is gradually eliminated. With the continuous development of laser cutting machines, more and more industries have begun to use laser to cut round holes. Not only the cutting section is smooth, but the aperture can be changed arbitrarily, and the processing flexibility is very high.

   However, laser cutting of circular holes is not as simple as everyone imagined. Irregular cutting of circular holes and insufficient verticality also happen from time to time. Therefore, the following is the problem of cutting round holes to analyze the reasons and precautions for everyone.

  ● The hole is too small

   Laser equipment cutting 1:1 holes is the best solution. The larger the diameter, the better the cutting. When the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity cuts small holes, there will be irregular round holes and too many broken points. .

  ● The gas pressure is too small or too large

   Too much gas pressure will cause the hole to burst. If the pressure is too small, the cutting edge will be rough and the burning will be serious. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons to solve the irregular cutting of round holes.

  ● Servo motor parameters

Many parameters of    servo motor are related to circular arc motion. If the parameters are not suitable, the mismatch of x and y axis motions will cause ellipse or irregular graphics in the cut circular hole.

  ● The precision of the lead screw or guide rail is not enough

The low manufacturing level of    cutting machine companies has prompted the laser cutting machine to have a precision of less than 0.1mm, so the precision of the cut round holes cannot meet the requirements.

  Recommended product: Zhite Laser Multifunctional Laser Punching Machine

   One machine, multiple uses! Integrating punching, cutting, welding and other functions in one, it is an ideal precision and efficient flexible processing equipment! It can be used for laser drilling and scribing of materials such as integrated circuit ceramic substrates. It can also perfectly cut carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and alloys, copper and alloys, titanium and alloys, nickel-molybdenum alloys, etc. High-performance laser processing equipment.

Punch sample image

  Recommended product: Farrelay DF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine

  DF3015Plus has always been a hot-selling model in the Farreley plane cutting machine. It uses a gantry structure machine tool, a high-strength aluminum alloy tensile beam, and a German CNC, drive and motor professional CNC laser cutting system, precision Linear guide rail and helical gear transmission system, the machine tool has good overall rigidity, stable performance, stable operation, fast speed, fast acceleration, high precision and high processing efficiency. In addition to cutting thin plates, you can also cut and punch holes on thin plates. The edges of the holes are smooth and free of burrs. It is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates.

Punch sample image

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