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Laser cutting machine and titanium metal plate are married to create a multi-functional artifact

by:VENTECH     2022-02-13

Efficient and versatile? ——Of course there is.

Durable? --must have.

Small and portable? ——Wait, what are you talking about?

TITAG recently released a tool called FidelisTool.

It is called a 'tool' because it is difficult to locate it more precisely. After all, any more specific naming will be too difficult to generalize.

This 'tool' integrates up to 11 functions in a wallet-sized space: hanging keys, opening wine bottles, canning, scraping layers, sawing wood, screwing bolts, pulling nails, cutting metal Wire, broken insulation, distance measurement... The actions it can complete have really drained my verb vocabulary...

But first of all, it is so concise and beautiful! Moreover, it can be so small that it can be stuffed into a wallet, hung on a belt and put in a pocket! quilt! Observe! Sleep!

In addition, the design of metallic titanium makes this compact design quite textured. Titanium is durable, solid and reliable, low-key and luxuriously fitting the original intention of the tool naming: the motto of the Marine Corps-'SemperFidelis

The shape is clever and can be held, but the functions are complicated and powerful. Can be used for canning:

Break the insulation layer:

Pulling out the nails:

Wait... Wait... Wait...

From the Swiss Army Knife to 'FidelisTool

Such a powerful 'tool

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