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Laser cutting injects new impetus into the furniture industry

by:VENTECH     2022-02-14

Metal furniture has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century. In the past, there were only beds and frames. Now it has developed into different forms such as sofas, tables and chairs. Its materials have also evolved from only black metal as the base material to various metals. Materials and lightweight high-strength alloy materials. Metal furniture has bright colors and tough lines. Its appearance has added a newer and more beautifully decorated form to the furniture.

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the practicality of laser cutting technology has also been continuously improved, and it has also begun to be applied to the furniture industry, integrating the exquisite cutting and hollowing process into the original dull and cold The metal material injects new creativity into modern home decoration.

Take this three-dimensional sofa as an example. The sofa model is designed by computer program aids. It is composed of three fully expandable curved surfaces. Then these expanded surfaces are made of metal plates by laser cutting. These plates After bending and welding the final shape of the sofa, the entire sofa has only one continuous contour line.

Laser cut sofa

Most of the furniture products require the processing of metal pipes and plates. Due to the difficulty of metal processing, the price of metal furniture in the past was very expensive. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser processing has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, free size and depth adjustment, high precision, fast speed, smooth cuts without burrs, automatic typesetting, saving materials, and no mold consumption. At the same cost and same output, the laser cutting machine can provide more types of furniture products, ensure the processing accuracy, realize the diversification and multi-function of furniture products, and better adapt to people's diversified and personalized needs for home decoration. , To maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

Laser cut bookshelf

Zitefalilai focuses on the research and development and production of laser cutting machines. The company's high-speed automatic CNC laser pipe cutting machine can perform high-speed and high-quality on round pipes, rectangular pipes, special-shaped pipes and other profiles. For laser cutting, the supercut fiber laser cutting machine can handle all kinds of flat sheet cutting, with very few burrs on the cutting section and low roughness. Use industry-leading equipment to create high-quality metal furniture to inject new vitality into the home furnishing industry.

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